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Why Men Become Emotionally Unavailable In Relationships

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Love relationships usually begin with the orientation phase, the ‘honeymoon’ where attraction and allurement captivate the partners.

It is a unique perch where others are far away from our thoughts. It is an emotional roller coaster ride with your partner where you never seem to have enough of their company. This phase lasts at least for a few months.

As the embers of the fiery first phase die down, it is time for the second phase aptly named the “power struggle”. Other conflicting emotions come into play like fear, anxiety, and jealousy.

This turbulent time in the relationship reveals more about the two people who are part of it. A man might turn to his psychological self to unravel and figure a way out of the maze. This phase is alien to a woman.

Why Do Men Emotionally Seclude Themselves From A Relationship

1. They Are At Times Lost In Their Quest To Keep Their Wife Happy

Keeping their wives or partners happy is a continuous endeavor for men. But when the heart is in a heightened state of function it just isn’t easy. The urge to do something right overrides the overwhelming desire of the women to communicate.

The man’s receiving faculty is somehow impaired. He becomes blind to her emotions and this, in turn, leaves her bewildered and frustrated in spite of all the good intentions of the man. It is time for the woman to tell him that all he has to do is just listen.

2. The Mental Agony Without

Every barrier that a man faces will make him withdraw into a shell.  He needs time to contemplate and recuperate. The woman in his life needs to understand that and leave him alone.

3. He Wants To Be With You But Your Action Is Putting Him Off

It could be that the woman is rushing him to take a decision. The woman should learn to think for both and not just her own priorities. She should be secure enough to not always burden her man with problems.

4. Second Thoughts?

A sad but strong possibility could be that he is having second thoughts about your relationship. He might have realized that the two are not in harmony to forge a relationship and it has hit a dead end.

The woman projects all her affection at the man she loves but finds that it is not being reciprocated. She is bewildered when all his passions seem to have totally dissipated just a few months into the relationship.

The Woman Questions Herself

There is a possibility that your action might have caused him to break off but it is also highly likely that he wasn’t into you from the very beginning.

There were care and attraction. He loved your company but he wasn’t willing to go for it ‘till death do us part’.

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