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When You Realize That, Unfortunately, It’s Time To Leave Your Family Behind

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Since childhood, we have been conditioned to be respectful to our own family members – “Always listen to your parents”, “Never raise your voice against your family members” et al.

But once you grow up to realize that life isn’t always a bed of roses with your family situation, you learn to grow out of the shell. That first step towards freedom commences the age of maturity. 

We have been fed with the notion that family is the only constant entity throughout our lives. The truth is – it is not. Sooner or later, we will eventually be separated from our family by the divine interception of inevitable death.

One must learn to adapt to the adversities of reality. But this becomes 1000 times tougher if you do not get along with your family in the very first place. 

You don’t have to put up with toxicity

You see, you deserve to be treated like a proper gentleman by the people around you. Growing up in a toxic environment full of people who do not value your presence is very hectic to adapt to.

If you grow up in a family which faces problems when it comes to being together as a happy, intimate family, you start to realize the adversity of mankind’s existence.

 It is thoroughly exhausting to pretend that you’re happy around your family when you are clearly not. The toxic mindsets, twisted conversations and endless blame games – you do not deserve to accept these things with a bleak smile.

Break Out

Instead, you must learn to accept the inevitability of the declining relationship with your family members.

You need to distance yourself mentally from them and continue chasing your own personal goals in life. Your primary aim in life should be to be a self-sufficient man – and not to be a bootlicker of their fragile egos. 

Not that this article suggests you strike a war cry of rebellion and disown your own family members, but tread things very meticulously!

If you manage to find your way around complications to fulfil your personal endeavors, you will learn to quit the guilt trips of breaking stereotypes to be a self-dependent, happy man. 

Our fingers are crossed for your rejuvenation!

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