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Jupiter In Sagittarius Works Like A Lucky Charm!

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by Conscious Reminder

After a 4-month-long hiatus in the Retrograde period, Jupiter is finally turning direct on 11th August 2019.

This planet of opportunity, luck, and abundance is now ready to bring you some big gains this month. As the stars set themselves up for something big, the biggest planet in our Solar System is also gearing up for some turnarounds.

Sagittarius And Jupiter

Jupiter will be stationed in its best zodiac sign – Sagittarius. Jupiter rests in this sign only once in every 12 long years, so make sure you don’t waste this time and its positivity. August to December sees Jupiter direct in Sagittarius which is the luckiest sign.

This is a perfect time and the Universe plans on showering us with miracles and great luck. Something special could be waiting for you just around the corner, stay alert!

Move Ahead

For the last few months, we have all been struggling too hard to finish our projects. But the planetary platter always had some obstacles and delays. All your hard work and efforts will finally see some light with Jupiter’s direct station.

Jupiter is not alone in helping you. He has the Sun and Venus and they all work together to create conditions for you to move ahead.

The Sun and Venus will conjunct in Leo, bringing in inspiration and creativity. You must use your intuition to understand the signs during this time and you’ll get the best of what the planets have to offer.

Jupiter’s presence in Sagittarius will bring forward themes like travel, learning, education, and spirituality. Pay attention to the things which are being emphasized on by the planets in your personal life.

Uranus Will Stir Things Up

The chaotic Uranus turns to Retrograde motion once a year. Surprisingly this event takes place on the same day when Jupiter turns direct. So be prepared for the best of things… and the worst of things on this day.

Direct or Retrograde, it is Uranus’ sacred duty to keep us on our toes. Its energy forces us to break free and change the conventional rules. Uranus’ Retrograde will be in Taurus. So expect your attention to be diverted by money, food, safety, etc.

The eighth month of the year will have the Horse pushing us to reach for the stars while the Bull keeps us busy and alert. However the day, and the month might play out, it will surely make us sit up and take notice.

Energy changes will be palpable a couple of days prior to the Direct turn of Jupiter. Even Mercury moves into Leo, providing us with much better communication than the last month.

Overall, things will be moving forward after a period of stagnation. Whatever surprises Uranus may bring, you will have the courage within you to face them boldly. Get ready to get lucky!

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