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The Signs That Your Third Eye Is Activating

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by Conscious Reminder

One’s third eye has always been put on a pedestal since the medieval times. Even though biology has a special term for it called the pineal gland, the third eye has always been extremely important in astrological circles.

To put it simply, it is thought to contain unlimited wisdom inside it that would help one combat the problems in the spirit realm. It is the connection between body, mind and soul.

So, how do you know if your third eye is awakening?

Pressure In the Position Between Your Eyebrows

When your third eye is getting awakened, you will feel a dull throbbing between your eyebrows, similar to a person lightly tapping you there.

This is thought to be the place where it would all start. Sometimes, it could be a sign that things are not yet ready and we need to go back into our spiritual realm in our mind.

Intuitive Abilities

One of the most common ways to determine whether your third eye has been awakened or not is the boost of intuitive abilities that will actively start guiding you through your life.

And this intuition wouldn’t be like the other times, i.e., come and go. It would actually be a part of your life.

Light Sensitivity

When your third eye is awakened, you would be extremely sensitive to light. This means that you would see colors in the light itself, something others won’t.

Before long, you would be able to witness different shapes and figures inside it. In fact, if you get too much into meditation, you would actually be able to see and be aware of a lot of things happening around you.

Changing Perspectives

When your third eye awakens, your entire perspective about life changes. You don’t recognize the life you lived earlier. You have your intuition to guide you now- you have a more generous perspective about things around you.

Interestingly, this comes more into the way we treat other people. The changes would definitely be beneficial, and you would do well to go through with them.


An energy overload comes in the form of a headache. Go out and do things that you like- walks, sprints, cycling, looking at flowers.

Anything that calms you down and reduces the ebb and flow of the energy inside you. Headaches indicate that your pineal gland is opening.

Hope your third eye awakening makes you a completely different person!

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