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10 Personality Traits That Make You Intimidating To Others

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by Conscious Reminder

Often we find people among us who appear to be intimidating but once we get to know them, we realize their true value. These intense people have their own strong points along with their challenges.

People often mistrust you and even shy away from you just because they cannot perceive your intensity and passion.

Can you identify with these “intimidating” traits?

1. Don’t Stare

You often become focused on a subject and tend to stare. People misinterpret it as if you are staring at them and hence find you intimidating.

2. Single-Minded

Your focus makes you concentrate on the task or conversation at hand. You never zoom out of situations or conversations.

3. Speak With Conviction

Since you do not like to waste your words, you need the other person’s full attention. Your words are spoken with conviction and you need the opposite one to value your words.

4. Intense Language

Your emotions get the better of you in certain responses. While you realize the folly later, in the heat of the moment it is either the end of the world or paradise for you.

5. Over-Thinking

You are an over-thinker. Each of your thoughts is important and each decision you make has hours of mental labor behind them.

6. Perfect Planner

You hate last-minute plans and prefer to be prepared, if possible weeks in advance. You tend to get into the nitty-gritty of your plans and certain people find that to be controlling and intimidating.

7. Lengthy Texts

Private messages are preferred by you than public posts. You rigorously edit your lengthy texts before sending them. And unless you get a response, you keep agonizing over it.

8. Mood Swings

You tend to blow hot and cold in quick successions which can be confusing for those around you. Your excitement at times and its lack at others makes you appear very moody to others.

9. You Care For Them All

You genuinely care for the people and things around you. This incredible capacity for empathy makes you very strong.

10. Sincerity

You tend to be honest and don’t sweeten your words. Your honesty can make you sarcastic but this often rubs people up in the wrong way. People must understand that you are being truthful, not rude.

If you relate to these traits, try not to listen to others. You are your true self and those around you must learn to deal with it. Try to be a bit more sympathetic, but don’t compromise your values.

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