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June Astro Forecast: Finding The Truth About Yourself & Your Surroundings

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by Conscious Reminder

The eclipse season will be starting by the end of June. But before that, as we enter this month, we will be showered with light leading the way. And June does bring with it a number of cosmic alignments.

On 3rd June, the New Moon will come on Gemini. The theme of the New Moon will be all about communication. It will be about figuring out the truth for yourself as you move past seas of lies. Truth is different for each one of us.

We are always looking at life from our own perspective – a colored lens. Sometimes, we should just remove the lens and look at the world from a different perspective. Transformation does not always come from within – it comes from how we look at the outside too. Changing your view helps a lot.

Don’t think that you are too late to change. There’s nothing like that. Change is inevitable- change can happen if you just attempt to examine something differently. Start from scratch. Try to expand your mind by allowing the opinions of others to come to you. Learn. That’s the way you can truly change yourself – or at least, your perspective.

During the new moon, it is time to set your intent on something. Your vision is clear now. All it will take for you is to manifest it you’re your reality. When you find the truth, it will help you.

On June 12th, the out of bounds Mars will get back to its usual routine. The strong Martian energy will come back to you. If anger and irritation have ruled your life until now, the return of Mars will bring about some ease.

If you are often irritated even now, maybe it’s time to look inside and see what is really bothering you. Maybe you have to remove some triggering element. Looking back at how you spent the dates 20th April or 19th May might help.

17th will flower with the Full Moon in Sagittarius. It’s a treat before the eclipse season. The full moon encourages us to wrap things fast before entering the eclipse cycle. We tend to fear eclipses but they are not that bad. Eclipses try to straighten things up a little – bring your life back in order.

The full moon in Sagittarius is going to push us in the right path and prepare us for July.

21st June will bring Sun into Cancer, marking the Solstice. It’s going to start summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. It also marks the midway of the normal year.

The solstice is special. It marks the changing length of day and night. It is change – it is transformation. Are we ready to accept it?

It’s time to understand certain things – are we properly channeling our energies? Or are we just wasting it by becoming angry or irritated?

If you are emotional, you can’t put the blame on yourself completely.  Cancer is a water sign – it heightens emotions and intuitions. We can’t really keep our emotions in check during this period. But we can use our emotions as a guide.

Our emotions are a part of us – a major part that is. If we hold ourselves back and not express ourselves, then we are just denying a significant part of us. So, how can we ever learn the truth in this manner?

Neptune will also go retrograde during this period. Neptune is related to creativity and art. It is like a veil which separates the reality and illusion in us.

Neptune will be strong in June but when it goes to retrograde, it will help with the foggy areas of our life. When you are under the influence of Neptune, keep a journal about your dreams and ambition. Use the energy of Neptune, to unlock your deepest selves.

June can be a really rewarding month. All it requires is unlocking yourself, accepting yourself and finding the truth. So, will you be able to look into your heart?

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