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Survey Says These Are The Places You Are Most Likely To Meet Your Soulmate At

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by Conscious Reminder

When we are supposed to answer the question of which is the best way to meet somebody, there is no right answer, because people meet their important other in some ways.

Some people may sometimes argue that traditional methods like meeting through friends are the best way, but the reality of how many engaged couples today met is all but not traditional.

In one study, there were 14,000 couples from the U.S. surveyed, who got engaged or married in recent times. These couples have been asked some questions about the rings which they brought, how they are planning their weddings, as well as how they met.

According to the survey, more people meet online than ever before with 19% of respondents reporting that they met their loved one online, no matter if it was through a dating site or application, or even through social media. This is up from only 14% in 2015, which shows that this method for meeting people gets more popular and may be in the future too.

For a lot of people, this is a surprise, as it is believed that many people utilized dating applications and sites for “hookups” rather than seeking long-term relationships. However, it looks like there are a lot of people that look for something more than a one-night stand when they log in to their app or site of choice.

Here, we will tell you the most common ways in which people today meet their fiancé or spouse:

1. Online meeting

As we already mentioned, 19% of the people that were surveyed met their loved one online. Of this, 17% met through dating sites or phone applications, while the rest 2% met through social media sites.

When more people spend more time online, it has to be no surprise that more people are meeting in this way as it provides a fast, as well as easy way for people to look for a romantic partner, in order to find someone else with the same interests and beliefs as theirs. Dating sites, as well as phone applications, make it easier for people to learn about someone before they even contract them.

2. Meeting through friends

Almost 17% of the participants met through friends, whether they attended a party and there they met a friend of a friend or were also intentionally set up by a friend.

This is actually still one of the most famous ways to meet romantic partners, and it is not a surprise as it is an easy way to ensure that they are going to get along well with the other person as they share some mutual friends. Also, it can help weed out some bad matches as good friends are not afraid to tell someone if they should consider dating someone else they know or not.

3. Meeting in college

Almost 15% of the participants said that they met their loved ones at college, whether they had some classes together or they directly met around campus.

Even though a lot of people may find it hard to maintain such a relationship while they struggle with the stress which comes with attending college, it looks like others can do it. One important thing which draws them together is that they often have some similar outlooks on life as they are both pursuing degrees, instantly giving them similar interests.

4. Meeting at work

About 12% of the people surveyed reported that they had met their loved person at the workplace, something which may be a surprise as many workplaces discourage romances between employees.

Although there is discouragement which they may experience from their HR department, it looks like that does not stop them from finding their other halves. For a lot of people, meeting others at work is the only way to reach anyone as they spend so much time at work, so it is not surprising that as many people have to spend more time at work, they utilize that extra time to make romantic connections.

No matter if a couple met through a more traditional method or online, the best way to pursue a life of happiness will be to stay faithful and keep working on their relationships, as that matter more to the success of a relationship than how they met for the first time.

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