These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Be Quite Affected By The Sturgeon Full Moon

by Conscious Reminder

As Venus moves ahead with Aquarius to bring about a Full Moon in that sign, the other signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and obviously Aquarius would feel relationship trouble brewing if they aren’t careful.

They need to be aware of the words they speak and how it affects people all around them. Not just romantic, but professional relationships will also take a hit if you aren’t careful with words and actions, says Susan Taylor.

The opposition of Venus to the Moon will be increasing your need for affection. Don’t be reckless and consider the consequences before you jump ahead with a less than optimal partner. It could turn hurtful soon.

Here is how the Full Moon would affect the zodiacs.


You are stubborn, which means that you would probably have a fixed scheme of things you wouldn’t vary from. But it also means that you would probably love sweeping things down the rug rather than confronting it.

If it leads to familial problems, then they might tilt over this Full Moon. The only thing you can do is hold on during the storm and not give up. Any mistake doesn’t remain a mistake if you spend time trying to move beyond them.


You are fiery and that’s possibly what makes you so special. But, this Full Moon might tilt your fire to the ground, ending in you burning every single thing around.

In order to not do that, don’t act your anger. In its stead, you could spend time watching a TV series.


You are sharp, you are sarcastic, and you are angry. Not a good combination during this period. Especially in relationships where your desire to speak your mind out may put you in trouble.

Don’t speak everything you are thinking of. Try to get it out of your system some other way- write it down. You should also spend time contemplating and reflecting rather than just saying it. Will work wonders.


Since this is your Full Moon, you need to realize that things would be very different from what you wanted them to be. But, as is routine with you, anything that gets too monotonous, you have to leave it.

So, when your job gets too boring for you, get out of it. You might feel nervous and afraid without a job, but trust in yourself and you would get better opportunities in life.

While almost all the zodiacs will experience relationship troubles, these 4 will suffer the most.  So utilize this time to communicate better and ignore your ego.

Together with your partner, you can survive this Full Moon.

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