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Never Underestimate The Immense Power Of Modesty And Gratitude

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Two things that we seem unable to do without hesitation is to show our humility and gratitude. Though they are not the same, they are the attributes of an enduring learner.

But both require certain virtues that are common. You have to be open-minded to see the other’s perspective, to be appreciative and approach every issue with an open heart.

Both characteristics are about being down to earth, and the courage to go into daunting situations even if that means sailing into unchartered waters. You should be also open to accepting change.

You could make a list of your losses and wins and use it as a reference point to be more humble and grateful in every situation that comes your way.

It is a given thing that as we go on with our life, we pick up new experiences that help us grow into what we have ultimately become. This is one journey that lasts a lifetime and our experiences keep accumulating till our last breath.

These new experiences ultimately lead up to stronger emotions in the form of hope and heartbreak, flexibility and discontent, love and despair.

Each person has his reason to be thankful and to show his humility. We have our ingrained deep-seated values and our weaknesses and strengths. Contrasts in our character do not matter as much as how we tackle each hurdle and in the process shape our distinctiveness.

My gratitude to all that has been given to me would be on these lines:

I thank all who reminded me that our life is all about keeping in mind that it is to be lived in the present. It is also about having the courage to take risks despite our long-held notions of what people think of you.

I am also immensely grateful for reminding me at every step that there is much more to life than having to endure obnoxious relationships. I remain grateful for all that has transpired and also for showing that life can be so high above all that.

Thanks for reminding me that I am much more than insinuations or just a second option. Our life is way too short that we remain silent so it is vital that you speak up and have your voice heard.

I apologize for all the people I have hurt intentionally or otherwise. I am also sorry for having remained silent when I should have spoken up.

I am also sorry for not having owned up to the mistakes I committed. Maybe we can sort this out together.

If life doesn’t give us that chance, I hope you realize that your lessons have been of immense help to me. Your words and action have been my guiding principles through life and they still do.

As humans, we have our bright and dark moments. But our life is ultimately defined by how we deal with each moment of it. This is what gives us the strength to both apologize and say thank you.

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