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What Is Qi And The Healing Powers Of Qi Gong

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by Conscious Reminder

Most of us are not familiar with the Chinese concept of Qi and Qi Gong. Sure, the ones really into martial arts movies might have come across the terms but how much do we really understand it?

While the ignorant ones dismiss Qi (pronounced “Chee”) as some mystical concept, doctors now use it to even perform surgeries in the Orient!

How Do We Understand Qi?

Qi is essentially an energy field which all living beings create. Be it humans, animals, or even plants, Qi surrounds us all. It originates from the internal and binds the whole universe together with its powers.

Western culture has long been dismissive of Qi as well as Qi Gong. Western science considers it to be the mumbo-jumbo of the Orient. In reality, Qi is neither mystical nor unbelievable.

Many Chinese doctors today carry on the practice of manipulating Qi to be used in place of anesthetics. This practice has a history of over 3000 years in Chinese medicine.

Not only the ancient Chinese civilizations, even the Indians and Japanese know of this energy field, calling it Prana and Ki respectively. Even the civilizations of Greece acknowledged its presence and powers as Pneuma.

In recent times, Qi is being defined to be of a bioelectric nature. Qi can be thought of as the energy field living organisms surround themselves with, which their magnetic and electric potentials within generate. The energy field created by Qi exists without any conductors.

In living beings, Qi is found concentrated in various vessels. It flows through the meridians of all beings. In humans, meridians are like the blood circulation system and the nerve bundle system.

Whenever Qi energy gets unbalanced because of being stuck in any one place, we suffer from illness, and at times, it can turn fatal too.

Knowledge of the flow of Qi and meditation can help us better feel, develop, and disperse our Qi concentrations in the body.

The Art Of Qi Gong

Qi is Universal energy. Qi Gons’s the art of how we can cultivate this healing energy to lengthen our lives with better health. As with all art forms, Qi Gong too has multiple styles.

Each of them has the purpose of cultivating, preserving, strengthening, and making the circulation of this natural energy easier in our bodies.

All the different forms can be ultimately categorized as either external or internal. Wai Dan is the external style while Nei Dan is the internal one. Their goals are the same but their approaches at achieving that goal are varied.

Wei Dan concentrates on the external energy of Qi Gong. It helps us bring the prevalent energy of the Universe inside our systems. Nei Dan helps us build up our internal Qi Gong with the help of breathing techniques and meditation.

Qi Gong Fundamentals

1. Tension and anxiety make Qi stagnate in our body. Stay calm and relaxed to help it flow freely.

2. We can control Qi with our minds. Concentration and focused intent will help you direct the movement of your Qi.

3. You must meditate regularly.

4. Daily practice makes you control Qi better.

Learn to be in control of your own self with Qi and Qi Gong. May the force be with you!

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