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Master Number 33: The Master Teacher In Numerology

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Soul Urge number is also known as your Heart’s Desire or Soul Desire. It indicates what motivates you down deep into your core. Soul Urge 33 is connected to the Master Teacher and Healer.


The method of calculating your Soul Urge number is to add up the numerical values of only the vowels from your birth name. You must include the full name, including any middle name too. Keep reducing the number by adding up the digits till you arrive at a Master Number or a single digit.

The Master Teacher

33 is the most elevated Master Number. On the path of spiritual mastery, this is the third natural numerical progression. 11 brings vision and sensitivity, 22 add action and practicality but 33 combines all of them to elevate the humankind.

33 is associated with elevation and education, along with the evolution of our consciousness. It helps us transition to a new era with an enlightened and ascended soul.

Soul number 33 drives you to make sure people observe the world in wider perspectives. Humanitarian work is your calling and the Master Teacher in you is ever-ready to help those who are struggling.

While tending to your immediate society could be your profession, your calling is in bringing change in the world to help all humanity.

The Challenges

All those who are blessed with Master Numbers must also carry their burden. 11, 22, or 33, they all face more challenges than others. Number 33 people deal with sensitive emotionality which can hamper their attempts of dealing with hardships.

The greatest challenge for these people is to understand and accept their own limits. The Master Number association grants you great powers of will but it doesn’t allow you to heal everyone on the planet. It is not possible for one person to heal each on earth and you have to accept this, no matter how much it hurts.

While your contribution significantly helps those around you, remember that humanity needs many other such healers to deal with their problems. Accepting this idea will unleash your full potential. Your gift can truly be accessed when you understand that elevating humankind is a group effort.

The Opportunities

People with 33 as their Soul Number find significant opportunities among the people they help out. As they work hard to inspire others, often people from such crowds recognize your potential and come forward with newer and greater opportunities.

Education is the best way for you to reach out. You must share your ideas and thoughts with the future generation and help them create a better world. Aid work also is helpful but the availability is not consistent. Start small and help the people immediately close to you.

While work can be as fulfilling as you like, the real burden of the number 33 lies elsewhere. You have this unquenchable thirst to accomplish your purpose. You have the motivation and determination to achieve your goal, but remember not to burn out in your quest.

While you work tirelessly to help humanity, remember to sit back and relax at times. You need to work for a long time, not just a fast and short period.

So at times, turn inwards, tend to your own needs, heal your own self and then you can return to your purpose!

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