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Super New Moon In Virgo On September 17th Is Set To Revitalize You

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by Conscious Reminder

Things have been chaotic lately. If you feel like you are at your breaking point, we have good news for you.

The New Moon in Virgo set to grace us on the 17th of September 2020 will bring a fresh change of air. Everything that has been disrupted will fall into place on this Lunar occasion.

The major themes of this Virgo New Moon are revitalization, recovery, and restoration. The New Moon will align with the Spirit Sun creating a calming, sensible, and healing energy.

You will be encouraged to face whatever problems you have been suppressing. During this harmonious time, you need to dig up hurt feelings and issues from the past to get over them.

It might be scary to revisit issues from the past, but you need to remember that you can only overcome them when you resolve them.

And, this Virgo New Moon is the perfect opportunity to do so. Whether you are dealing with physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological wounds, the New Moon in Virgo will help you heal.

Under the sensible Virgo, you can spur up your creative energies to deal with any problem that life throws your way. Let go of any doubts and indulge in what comes naturally to you. It can be anything from poetry, dance, art, music, to molding and creating something.

Take inspiration from high shamanic cultures, where creative endeavors are seen as a gateway to spiritual freedom. You need to let out any suppressed energies to feel at peace with yourself. Channel your energies through creative ways, and you will instantly feel the healing process begin.

Traditionally, New Moons symbolize new beginnings. As the Lunar event begins, a new breath of life will be breathed into us. It is the perfect time to kick start a new project; personal or professional.

Think About The Global Community During This Virgo New Moon

The New Moon in Virgo, too, will be a perfect occasion to venture into new waters. The energies unleashed will connect us with our spirituality. You will find that any contemplative step you take will be a success. Trust yourself, and you will gain crystal clear vision.

If you have been accommodating someone else’s needs before yours, you need to stop immediately. It is okay to take care of others, but it should never be at your cost. Under this Virgo New Moon, you need to cut all the cords that are stopping you from flying free.

This does not mean that you are abandoning anyone. It just means that you are taking some time to devote your energies to your needs.

As September ends, you can begin supporting other people’s needs again. The 17th September, Virgo New Moon, will heal the world and create a Cosmic home.

During this Lunar event, it’s common to wake up early. You might find that your appetite has increased. Your creative abilities will be rejuvenated. Emotionally, you might want to focus on yourself and avoid crowds.

To harness the Virgo New Moon’s healing energies, you can plant new seeds, literally and metaphorically. Think of it as giving life to something new along with the New Moon. What is it that you want for your future?

Think about it and initiate steps to secure those wishes. Be calm and patient; good things take time. It is also important that you consciously bring about balance and calmness in your life.

The Virgo New Moon will also encourage you to broaden your perspective. Think about the global community and how everyone can heal together.

Believe in the Universe; heal and rejuvenate.

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