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9 Signs Your Vibrations Are Getting Dangerously Low

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

High Vibration energy is the key to real happiness and thus those who are able to control the fluctuations of vibration energy, are able to live a fulfilled life.

Low vibration can result in serious problems like increased fatigue, physical illness and losing sight of important things in life.

Here in this article we share 9 signs of low energy. If you see any of these signs, take immediate measures to lift up your energy.

1. Dwelling in the past

Humans learn from their past. It is a boon and a bane. Although, it helps us to be better next time but thinking too much about the past can also lower your energy.

2. Blaming Others

When you put the key of your happiness and sadness in others’ hand, then you indubitably are preparing for pain and lowered energy vibration. Nothing good comes out of it.

3. Becoming A Victim

When you become the victim of the situation, you affect the inner balance and thus end up destroying your own happiness. Thus you need to work on accepting, healing and maintaining balance.

4. Judging Others

When you accept others of who they are, you will end up accepting yourself better. Thus judging someone for their actions is bad for vibration.

5. The Need To Be Right

It arises out of your insecurities and thus is bad for your energy.

6. Giving In To Fear.

Courage raises our vibration energy. But when we let fear guide us, we make many choices which run counter to love.

7. Guilt

Guilt arises when you do things to please others. But if you are in peace with yourself, you’ll not feel ashamed and will live happily.

8. Resisting Change

You need to understand that change is the inevitable part of nature and thus you need to learn to adapt in all situations.

9. Letting Others Control Your Life

You must learn to take control of your life. Doing so awakens your soul and sets you up for your individual brilliance.

These are the things which deplete your vibration energy and that you must be aware of them.

Have you noticed your vibration getting lower? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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