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Why Does The Universe Send The Right People To Us At The Right Time?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

What does it mean when we refer to someone as the ‘perfect’ person? Perfect in the sense, that they came into our lives when we most needed them.

Does it mean that they are perfect? Or that they could never do any wrong? No. It means that the person was perfect to us at exactly that point of time, and wouldn’t be at some other point of time. Even if the person wronged us, it helped us learn valuable lessons.

Perfection need not be either good or bad, for it can be both. What perfection here is, is how useful that person is to you at that point of time, and maybe, how useful YOU are to that person as well.

They are the right person at the right time to us, not because they do great deeds, but because their deeds shape our lives.

Here are more reasons as to why the Universe does what it does.

Learning Lessons

Life is all about learning lessons, and sometimes the Universe would send people in our path just to see if they can speed up or make the process more meaningful. Remember that things can get bad in the process of learning a lesson, but it will always be for the greater good.


Growing by yourself can be quite tough as you wouldn’t have any comparison to chart your growth with. But when there is someone with you, the perfect person at the perfect time, they would be able to find out where you miss out on things, or simply act as a catalyst to your growth. Again, the memories might not all be good, but it would ensure that you make something out of your life.

We Are Exactly Where We Deserve To Be

If our paths align perfectly with the Universe’s, we are bound to get rewarded by them. And this reward comes in the form of the perfect person at exactly the perfect time.


Sometimes the Universe would send someone in our path so that we can understand the importance of placing boundaries. They would break us apart, tear us into a new one, which would ultimately result in us realizing the need of placing boundaries so that we don’t get treated that way.


We could all claim that we are extremely strong beings who don’t need moral support whatsoever. But, we still need someone by our side who would understand us for who we are, and help us out by simply being there. Support can be both physical and mental, and all it needs is someone willing to be there.


Probably the most important of all reasons, the Universe would send someone in your path, the right person at exactly the right moment you need to heal. They would turn you into a better person while removing all your problems and trauma away. In fact, they would know exactly what to do to help you.

So, have you met your perfect person yet?

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