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5 Signs That Your Romantic Partner Can’t Hold Your Attention Anymore

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by Conscious Reminder

Relationships take time and nurturing to help you both bloom. But at times we get stuck in unhealthy situations which serve no one.

While a proper discussion may solve the problems, it is not always the case each time. Identifying the root of the problem won’t help unless some change is brought about.

If you can identify with these 5 signs, you are in an unhappy relationship:

1. You Are Unable To Express Yourself Freely

Do you often catch yourself reminiscing about the initial days when you both could freely express yourselves? When you did not have to tip-toe around each other and things felt less restrictive? That means your partner is not letting you be your true self in the relationship.

What is the use of staying in such a restrictive relationship! Be it your physical self, or your thoughts, ideas, and ideals, if you cannot stay true to yourself, no relationship can survive. When the person who’s supposed to understand and love you the most fails to do so, maybe you need to move ahead.

2. Respect Is Fast Depleting

Mutual respect is one of the pillars of a sound relationship. If you find yourself rolling eyes at your partner one too many times, the relationship won’t last long.

When you start to think of your partner as nagging, immature, not as intelligent as you, or when their values don’t seem good enough, such hidden thoughts will soon be expressed consciously or subconsciously. If you are settling for someone you think you don’t vibe with anymore, it’s best for both to discontinue the relationship.

3. Trust? Not Anymore

Trust and respect build a relationship. With fast depleting respect, trust is bound to diminish too. While it is okay to doubt them once in a while, snooping around should not turn into a habit for you.

If things seem too conspicuous and inconsistent, talk to them directly. If you feel like they cannot be trusted anymore, it is best to let go of such negativity.

4. No Common Ground For Your Morality

Fights and arguments are parts of all relationships. But when arguments make you two resolute in your beliefs and both feel superior in your own arguments, there can be no resolve.

If both of you believe that only your ideals are moral, and the other’s are immoral, that will not help your relationship. Both must learn to adapt to the other person’s values and make peace on some common grounds.

5. You Don’t See A Future With Your Partner

When we don’t enjoy the companionship of a person, we don’t keep them in our imagination of a happier future. It is a sign that the relationship is not fulfilling for you. You are simply wasting your time and energy in such a situation.

A healthy relationship will make the partakers dream of a happy future together. But when you can’t even imagine enjoying a trip together, the relationship is truly going downhill.

While no one seeks to be alone, being in an unhappy and unhealthy relationship will do us no good. When all the signs point towards unhappiness, it is time for you to get out of the trouble. Good things are always waiting!

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