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Tonight, Expect A Focused New Moon In Virgo: It’s Time For A Clean-Up

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by Conscious Reminder

The upcoming New Moon in Virgo is all about living, eating, and being clean and healthy, while also making plans for your goals.

It is different from the previous half of the year, in the sense that while we do have the same obstacles and hurdles in our path, we now can deal with them. We have the stability and the strength to go beyond what’s out there, and actually succeed.

The one thing that makes this Moon special is the unification of the soul, mind, body, and will to work for something. For, this month would be extremely fast-paced, with us accelerating at every step.

Organizing, planning, renovating, updating, making to-do lists – we would have them all. But interestingly, we would stay abreast of all of them. In fact, this Moon would also be useful if you decide on some one-on-one action.

There is also the cosmic alignment that the New Moon will bring. With Mars in the fray, the Moon and the Sun cross it when they first separate. It goes without saying that the planet responsible for most of our actions would definitely get a piece of that cake.

With the waxing of the Moon, Mars is going to make sure that we get the keen eye for organization, observation, and analysis. The energies are going to be driven forward.

After that comes the rule of Virgo- Mercury, along with Juno, who rules over marriages and partnerships. Mercury being the communications expert will always lead to conversations that are enthralling.

With Juno in the mix, one can expect rational, interesting, and intelligent conversations that come without any previous bias. Also, partnerships will get better, for we would be willing to work for them.

Then comes Uranus, the master strategist. It will not allow you to have even one single moment of peace in your life. Lightning strikes everywhere you move, forcing you to change your moves, while on the move!

You will have to deal with treacherous cliffs and perilous waters. But you must remember that nothing here would be boring. All you need is patience and quick thinking.

Also, he won’t break anything that is really important and vital, for Venus is going to trine Saturn, which is known for its commitment to order and structure.

And, as we have been clearing up our own muddy past, the empty space will give rise to a sturdy, stable structure on which we can establish the rest of the year.

While our past is coming back to us yet again, we are careful this instance. With slow and methodic steps, the New Moon in Virgo is trying to accommodate Chiron, the healer. Chiron always challenges us to go for it, bring our inner beast out.

No more masks, no façade, our raw selves. But realize that this time, when you are taking off another one of your masks, you need to move in a totally new way. One that is healthy.

So, this New Moon set your intentions with a clear idea in mind. What do you want to achieve? And how? What would you do to attain that? Who will help you? When will you start? How long would you proceed? Think long and hard, and decide on this. For this would set the course of your life. Don’t waste this energy.

See, you can never clean up everything that needs to be cleaned. It is too big, too vast, and too dirty. But you can at least clean up your space, can’t you? The more you declutter yourself, you will find more of your potential coming out, a total lack of debris, which slowly spreads to what’s around you.

Charity begins at home.

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