Horoscope For The Week Of July 8th: How Would Mars & Mercury Affect The Zodiac Signs

by Conscious Reminder

With Mercury turning retrograde on 7th, and Mars joining in the fray, things won’t be looking good for the zodiacs the up and coming weeks.

For this week, at least, you need to strive to live in between the big moments. Don’t go all out, or don’t loosen up too much. There should be a balance in the things you do, for that will help you survive the week.

Tone down a bit, and start looking within yourself. And watch out for the 11th of July, when Mars would be clashing with Uranus- you might get a little leeway into some field you had been desiring.

Here is how the Mercury retrograde and Mars’ induction into it, would affect the zodiacs:


We know that the eclipse last week did stress you out a bit. But don’t worry, we still have markets for you to shop. Go out, buy things that calm your soul down, and then probably a visit to the perfume department? As far as your career is concerned, it is sailing. So don’t worry about things that will pass just as the week goes by. Keep your head in the game, and calm down.


You can get all environmental this week, and that will help you a lot. Try being vegan, if that is what your heart tells you to. Remember, your professional life might be in a bit of jeopardy which will make you clash with the wrong individuals. But, as with all bad things in life, this too shall pass. You will be impatient and restless, but by the end of the week, you would know who is truly yours.


Instead of mocking your friend or partner for doing things that calms her down, why don’t you do the same? Build a tiny fort in your office cubicle, and add some flowers to the mix. There will, of course, be some changes that might derail you, but you have to keep your chin up, and your head focused. Try finding a plan B, if plan A doesn’t work. And try to clear your head a bit, to get rid of the frustration.


Use your networks. The energy that flows through this will allow you to go beyond the niggle in your mind, about who you can really trust. If you open your eyes enough, you will find people you know out there, with really brilliant opportunities waiting for you. And if that doesn’t work out, you always have some more friends to hang out with. Don’t look for specifics- simply enjoy. Also, don’t get low and depressed, because your impressive creative abilities are going to be in much demand the following weeks.


You need to make sure of two things- one, that you know what you are worth, and how much you can really handle when the need arises. And two, that your self-confidence should be at an all-time high because you know what you are capable of. Your creativity and your judgment are always held in high esteem, and it is time you do the same for yourself.


Don’t burn yourself out. You have been working your butt off, and it is time you get a vacation. And, if you do observe closely, you would be able to get some wisdom while partying in Hawaii. Who knows, your bar mate might have a great business proposal for you?


Relax. Too much work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Also, this is the time to get serious in your relationship, when it comes to finances. You shouldn’t be going lackadaisical when it comes to splitting bills, mortgages or the like. It might be a rough ride for a while, but if done with enough tact, you can see it through.


It hurts when you see people or things from the past coming up suddenly, and it hurts more when you see them moving forward with their dreams, which was until quite a recent past, your dream too. But, remember, you moved on for a reason. You desired to chase some new adventure. So don’t look back. Find your independence, in whatever you do, but as always- be wary of office gossip.


Get your feet grounded. You have been spending far too much time with your head in the clouds. Come back to Earth, and start working on your home. Finish all jobs that you had left out on, and you will see peace finally settling in. It is time to get out of the dream sphere, and into reality.

Also, we know your job means a lot to you, but don’t get clouded by emotion. Organize your time, set your priorities, and follow them.


It is normal to shy away from the usual crown for some solo fun. But remember, you might come across someone from the past while on your solo adventures. If it is just for a night, that’s fine. But, if it starts being the past yet all over again, move on fast. Your professional career, on the other hand, will be smooth. You are getting what you really deserve. Although, you should keep in mind that the retrograde isn’t going to leave without a scratch.


Get your own meditation zone. Or maybe a Pilates corner. It could also be a Yoga mat or a full-on Gym. Just get fit, that’s what we mean. And, whilst you are still reeling from the effects of last week and the weeks before that, you should realize that you are way stronger than that, and can actually fight through it. So, get up, and do just that.


You slipped up somewhere, and that is all fine- we all do. But the important thing is, how do you rectify that? Well, do something charitable, and rein in your attitude- that would be all.

In other news, your confidence is off the charts, and it should be. You are getting what you deserve, and you are getting it aplenty. Don’t doubt yourself anymore, and for one day, treat yourself to this success.

Hope you have a safe week ahead.

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