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Capricorn New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, January 5th 2019: Setting Practical Goals

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by Conscious Reminder

On Saturday, the 5th of January, 2019, there will be a Solar Eclipse at about 15º 25′ minutes of the sign of Capricorn. The effects of this eclipse may be felt after six months of its actual date.

In Capricorn, which is a sign ruled by the planet Saturn, career, public life, reputation, achievement, as well as accountability will be the strongest focuses. This eclipse brings new beginnings in regard to all those matters.

The eclipse will also be the time to set practical, as well as attainable aims; work on the development of common sense, as well as maturity in your personality; take in consideration your future, and also prepare for that future; focus on specific ways of development of your self-mastery and self-discipline.

Find some ways to satisfy your wishes; make commitments, and recognize responsibilities; accept that you are restricted, and also that, ironically, certain limitations really free you in order to explore more profound dimensions of your experience with offering you a safe foundation, as well as nurturing your dreams in the real way. 

The sign of Capricorn is also going to teach you that recognizing your limitations will free you to focus on the fundamental things, and who you are, where you are, as well as where you would like to go.

Having the powerful energy of Capricorn of this Solar Eclipse, you will have the opportunity to make some significant changes in your life which will have substantial benefits for you during this cycle of the Moon.

For some people, the circumstances will be such that they will have to pay better attention to those matters. During the eclipse time, some flaws in a significant system in their lives will also be revealed, prompting people to start anew or redo too. Something will end so something else could begin anew.

People may also be required to quit certain thing so they could move forward in the new chapter of their lives. Even though that ‘new’ can be unidentifiable, it will be essential to permit the needed surrender to that unknown.

The point of the eclipse will be between the planets Saturn and Pluto, so feeling that you are stuck may prompt new beginnings. Ambitions will also be strong, but there will also be pressures and maybe a small amount of paranoia too. This balanced sextile to the planet Neptune is going to help people access their compassion and intuition.

There is also the possibility that some important developments in people’s personal areas which are ruled by the sign of Capricorn will also happen during the following 3 to 6 months. But, as this is just part of the series of several eclipses happening in Cancer-Capricorn, the range can be extended further.

The primary eclipse which fell along that axis occurred in July of 2018, while the last eclipse is going to happen in July of 2020. Every one of us is going to feel its effects with different intensity.

The people whose personal planets are actually activated with the eclipse’s degree are going to feel the effects of it on a more personal level.

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