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The March 20 Libra SuperMoon Brings A Mix Of Unsettling Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

On 20th March, the full moon will be falling at 0o in Libra decan 1. It will align with Markeb, the fixed start in the constellation of the ship, Argos.

The aspect which will impact the period in the quincunx of the moon to the planet Uranus. It’s a time when your intuition would grow stronger than usual. You will feel the vibes of a peacemaker and a mystic.

This is a powerful alignment, and you will a potent connection with the dark sky of the night, which will strengthen your prophetic abilities.

The Libran Full Moon Astrology

During this period, we will come in terms with ourselves and become more peaceful due to the presence of a tranquil aura coming down to us. The aggressive energy within will become calm and more balanced due to the judicious quality of Libra.

But when there is such a peaceful and accepting environment, we can become a little too defensive. Rarely, this can lead us to go inside and turn to the dark side.

If we do turn malicious, it will be due to our ignorance rather than conscious thought. After all, while Libra is fair, we, as humans, do not always carry a fair or clear mind in our head.

Aspects of the Full Moon

Moon Quincunx Uranus

Moon will quincunx Uranus during this period and this alignment is best for rebels, outsiders and even lunatics. There will be craving to shock others. However, this aspect is also uncomfortable with too much notoriety.

Thus, they can be attention seekers without actually trying to gain attention. Whatever they are doing might have a deep-rooted reason, which they may or may not be aware of. Maybe a childhood trauma has resulted in them to act in a certain way.

With this alignment, things will get chaotic and wild. Both Uranus and the Moon changes easily and so, there will be a lot of sudden alterations that we will face. The rebellious Uranus supports the truth and so, there might be a few spokespersons who would reveal discomforting truth before the world, without fearing exile or death.

The rebels and spokesperson who will be affected by this alignment are way ahead of their time and may not feel comfortable in the state the world currently is.

Moon Conjunct Markeb

The Full Moon will conject the fixed star, Markeb. It is in the constellation of Argos and encourages knowledge and education. However, it is not a major star. The alignment will also be affected by the fixed star of the Sun – Scheat.

Scheat is located in the left leg of the flying horses. It is a star of Pegasus and is terrible. It brings murder, misfortune and suicide. It is a very negative start, though it might have some positive aspect for a few people who are inclined towards creativity.

It can only be used if you allow its energy to put you on a positive tract. In general, Scheat makes you believe something blindly and so, you do not really think before you do something.

Unfortunately, Scheat might become ‘The star of our ages’ because by the year 2045, it will be reaching Aries constellation. You can see the effect of Scheat on the internet. Scheat does not lie hidden and so, there are no barriers for it.

Due to the internet, we know much more about our roles models and nothing remains hidden for long. Also, we show much of ourselves through photos too. This is an attribute of Scheat – boundless.


The Full moon is a mixture of different energies. We can see it in our political state that is going off balance and getting reckless. Mild conservatives are becoming handlined conservatives almost like certain Islamic sects. On the other hand, the anti-war supporting left is suddenly inciting violence on any supporter of Trump or other right-wingers.

The equinox is also set to happen during this period and Scheat is taking over with its conjunction with the Sun. The mercury retrograde continues so, we have to be extra careful while we are travelling.

We must be grounded and deal with our word well. Since there will be spokespersons talking about deep secrets, we might come to know something we never really expected. Maybe it will lift a veil of some important organization.

This period is a mystery one which we’ll have to wait for it to unravel. Let’s hope it is for the better.

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