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The Sun Aligns With Eris On April 12/13: From Darkness To Light

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by Conscious Reminder

The newly discovered Goddess planet Eris is soon coming into limelight. The Sun is going to align with Eris on 12th and 13th April this year. Meanwhile, it will be the perfect occasion for her to be introduced to the world of astrology.

Discovered in 2005, the dwarf planet Eris was found beyond Pluto. Its apparent similarity in size with the ninth planet is what prompted scientists to demote Pluto to a dwarf planet too.

The two heavenly bodies are now seen as the God and Goddess of the underworld. It’s as if the goddess arrived just in time to establish a balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

Though considered as the underworld deity by some, Eris is more popular as the Goddess of Discord and Strife. Just like Pluto, she too gives a sense of darker and deeper themes, conveying the message to accept our shadowy side, and enlighten it.

Eris through Mythology

In mythology, Eris does not have a very good reputation. According to myths, she was the sister of Mars. While Mars was the Goddess of War, ushering terror and destruction, Eris was more famous for amplifying the suffering.

She is also known to have started the Trojan war. However, such an impression may owe its origin to the patriarchal sentiments nurtured in those days.

The discord and strife she brings with herself are not always without a reason. It is now believed that she brings the discord for a much-needed harmony. She pulls the plug when change and transformation are in need.

Just like an orchestra. When all are playing together it gives birth to beautiful music. But when even one is out of tune, the beauty is lost. However, it’s not always that the one hadn’t practiced.

It can be that one is bored and prepared to take new challenges. Just like in our life, when we fall apart, it’s not always that we need to re-align ourselves with the existing situation. We can also make a new start and break out of the old bindings.

Eris Fights Fearlessly

Eris is not just any warrior. She is a fearless one. She doesn’t fear how others judge or what others think. She does what she knows is right, without giving a thought about how she will be assessed for it.

She brings with herself the same fearless spirit. An inspiration to shed off the cloak of fears and insecurities, and boldly leave a mark in the society. Her very discovery is a sign to all who are afraid to come out. It encourages us to appreciate ourselves as someone who should get noticed.

Eris Meets the Sun

Once Eris aligns with the Sun this 2020, her energies will be activated. Her influence on our lives will attain a greater height than ever before. She will also be squaring with Jupiter and Pluto, which will strengthen their energies too.

So, it’s now up to us how we can welcome the goddess and grow in confidence and fearlessness from within. If we truly wish to tap into the energy of Eris, we need to surrender ourselves and just be.

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