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Entwining The Flames: Kundalini Adjustment

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by Conscious Reminder

Kundalini the concept of Dharma, refers to a form of primal  energy (or shakti) said to be located at the base of the spine. 

Interesting about is that we all have it, but rarely who becomes aware of it enough to awaken it and use its benefits.

Another interesting fact regarding kundalini and Twin Flames, is that our Twin can influence our kundalini. It affects everyone differently, some to a great extent, some less, but the changes are present.

What is Kundalini Energy?

It is symbolized as a snake, because it bases itself as a coiled-up serpent, and when it awakens, it contorts itself and starts its serpentine movement up the body through the chakras, and starts uncurling itself completely.

After it is fully awakened, it is then that the division and unification of the varied consciousnesses in the universe is constructed. It isn’t possible, until it is mastered.

How To Awaken It?

Knowledge of the ancient mysticism has given us some idea on how to awaken the soul/serpent. One of the oldest methods being meditation, and the devotion to advancement in spirituality.

It has always been closely guarded by monks, who were masters of this. But, post the discovery of the other twin, it has been made possible to awaken it much faster. All one needs to do, is meet their flame with that of the twin, which would increase their energy vibrations.

What Happens When The Twins Meet?

The twin energies soar through the sky. They form the silver beam of spiritual energy that brings forth the human heart, and the twin flames. They force a lot of energy into thin flames, and pass it through the entwined flames.

This triggers the Kundalini, which also raises the frequency in both flames. To keep it everlasting, we force karmic lessons, which then raises our vibrations. The jolt, can take a few weeks to subside, and in the meanwhile you would be sprightly.

Happy, loving, kind, and that change would last as long as the force remains intact.

This awakening makes us realize what we truly are, and being with the twin flame, takes us to new level of spiritualism, that we could never comprehend.

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