Real Witches & Their Real Powers

by Conscious Reminder

While Hollywood has its own version of witches who are always out to harm humans, the truth is probably completely paradoxical. Just like normal humans, some good and some bad, witches too follow the same norm.

But the main question arises- how many of them are real witches? For, if they are real witches, they would have the ability to utilize the many gifts that this planet provides them and turn it into something useful.

Witches follow the pagan mode of living, which has always been construed as something evil, but it is just like other religions.

Here are 13 powers a real witch will have:

Connection With Animals

Real witches can almost communicate with animals on a much higher level than non-witches. This synchronizes with their ability to connect with other life forms.

Connection With Humans

Contrary to what Hollywood usually portrays, witches are amazing people to be around. They have this energy around them which is so infectious that it brings people closer to them. Don’t worry, they won’t voodoo you (always)!

Energy Cleansers

They can negate negative energy from most spaces and their own bodies too. This is due to their ability to cleanse way deeper than most people.

Good Gardeners

They are pretty great gardeners, due to their connection with nature. So if you see them in the garden, you might as well expect a full shrubbery the next time you are in that garden.

Great Advisers

They give great advice on almost anything. But remember, their advice is always going to be about what you should hear, rather than what you wish you heard. And they will make sure that you understand what they are trying to tell you.


Witches make amazing healers, and not just on a physical level, but also an emotional level. In fact, if you are close to them, they will make sure that your well-being is a big priority.


They have amazing intuition which doesn’t let them ignore anything. Or let it be said, that nothing evades them. They are extremely observant of their surroundings. If they are sounding warnings to you about something untoward happening, or simply animated against a particular person, you should listen to them.


They might be immensely powerful, armed with Pagan knowledge, but their biggest strength lies in bringing a smile on someone’s face. They don’t really charm you into it, they simply let you put your head on their shoulders and cry your heart out. And you are done.


Considering how ostracized witches are, it really is a power to be open-minded. In the present climate, where anyone gets offended pretty easily, a witch’s open-mindedness helps them deal with the regular stupidity of people.

Psychic Abilities

It comes as no surprise to people that witches have psychic abilities. Hollywood has gotten that part right. But what they don’t know is that when a witch uses her psychic abilities, it is mostly for the good of the people. Although she speaks to the dead, she is not a necromancer.

Understanding The World

Witches really understand the world as it truly is, rather than how it presents itself. While most of us are usually unaware of what happens deep within the workings of the Earth, a witch always knows. She can feel the tremors that come with it and can understand the changes in vibration.

Vivid Dream-Scape

Witches have very vivid dreams, wherein they connect with the beings from upper realms. Some even say that witches have the ability to connect with the deceased, or complete their work, both when they are asleep. For, that is the period when the veil between the realms gets the thinnest.

Weather Forecast

A witch can tell you how the weather would be like tomorrow or the day after because they are more in tune with nature. So, if she tells you it is going to rain tomorrow, get an umbrella.

Witches have forever been misunderstood. Don’t misunderstand them yourself too.

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