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6 Ways To Bring Happiness Into Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

What is this thing called happiness and why is it so elusive? Firstly, you have to understand that happiness as a state is not permanent. It is not going to last forever and it’s ok to ‘lose’ it.

You will feel sad at times, helpless, anxious and jealous. But you also have the power to bounce back from these negative emotions and start being happy again. Do you know how? If you are almost clueless on how to become happy again, then you should follow these steps to help you out:

1. Don’t follow what others are doing

We are designed to find out threats and try to survive from them. And so, we look at what others are doing, trying to judge them as a threat or a competitor. If you find someone smarter than you, you will feel like they have a lot more opportunities than you do.

The result – your stress levels start to rise and you start following whatever that person does, even if you don’t like it. It just sucks out all the happiness inside you.

2. Love what you do

Start doing more of what you love to do. Do you like to paint? Start painting more. Do you like to play a sport? Ask others, form a team and play it every week.

Do as many things you want as possible. Don’t hold yourself back. However, don’t just do random things. Do things that you love. That way, your ‘work’ won’t seem like work at all.

3. Be with close people

You might have many people around you whom you love dearly. No, romance is out of the equation. This is just the pure, unconditional love of a friend or a family member. They boost your confidence and add value to your life.

Try to be with these people more often. If possible, try to be in the same city or locality they are in and meet as often as possible. If you stay far apart, then talk to them on Skype and plan up meets every month, if possible.

4. Be in the place you love the most

Do you have a place you love a lot? Maybe it’s a park or a city. Perhaps, you love the countryside. If you have such a place in mind, then plan an extended stay in such a locality.

Try moving in those areas. If nothing is possible, visit these favorite places regularly. It will fill you up with positive vibes.

5. Ignore the thoughts of other people

Everyone will have an opinion about you – they are looking at an image of you and are judging you on that basis. But don’t let them dictate over your life. The thoughts of people should not control you or your life. They don’t even know what you might be going through.

If you are quiet because you are dealing with a sick parent, they will judge you as an antisocial. If you are excited, they might judge you and call you loud. So, don’t let society tell you who you should be. You act in your unique way.

So, love who you are and start doing the things you love. It can increase happiness in your life.

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