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Mercury Retrograde On Halloween Is The Last Test This Year

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Spooky October is coming to an end but the spookiest day of them all is yet to come! 31st October is the day we will celebrate Halloween but the cosmos has other plans for us. Halloween 2019 will be accompanied by the Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio.

The ruler of communications, finances, technology, as well as self-expression, is going on a backward spin. And the Retrograde will receive the intensity of Scorpio to cause greater mayhem in our lives.

Mercury Retrogrades are generally scary and chaotic and now on All Hallows’ Eve, it will only get darker. But astrologers are telling us to look beyond the surface. Though tricky, this intense pairing can bring some cool treats for those who look beyond.

Like all Retrogrades of Mercury, this one too will result in miscommunications, delays, technical glitches, etc. But what we must understand this time around is that these hiccups now serve to benefit us in the long run. The delays will grant us better clarity about the situation.

With Scorpio’s influence, an ex might be resurfacing in your life. But they are here to offer you closure. Mercury brings the past but only to heal us now. There will be genuine apologies and mending of ways. Connect with people in the best way you can.

The past issues will clear up and offer you both clarity, closure, and healing. It is high time you let the past be in the past and move on with the teachings. Mercury is sending you that power now.

Be wary of your expenses. Not just past lovers but past financial troubles too will return to haunt you this Halloween. You can talk to your financial advisor or someone knowledgeable and wise.

Maybe they can pull you out of the deep waters. And for the ones traveling, be careful too. Document related troubles will pop up so double-check everything before you leave.

This Mercury Retrograde on Halloween is gonna test our nerves. So, we must keep our wits about and not jump to unnatural conclusions. With all the miscommunication underway, take every byte of information you receive with a pinch of salt.

Information will be flowing but most of it will be misconstrued. Don’t assume anything and wait before you start on your fact-finding mission.

Rather, utilize this time to reflect on your past, review the decisions you made and reassess how they are affecting your life now. Mercury will help you develop your plans and ideas along with your friendships.

Yes, a Mercury Retrograde is not all bad, even when it’s on Halloween. There is scope for positive growth but you need to work on your boundaries for that to happen. Forget others and focus on improving yourself, mind and body.

This Retrograde will be testing our emotional maturity. There will be problems but there will be great opportunities as well. How we react to them and encash them will define our experience.

Moving on from Halloween night, another great event awaits us. 11th November 2019 will see Mercury crossing exactly through the heart of Scorpio as it meets the Sun at 18° Scorpio.

The last time this event occurred was in 2006. This rare event will be dazzling us with its effects. The intense energy from it will bless us with great clarity in every sphere of life.

The best thing you can do this Halloween Retrograde season is just go with the flow. The more you resist, the worse will be the consequences. The water sign of Scorpio demands us to be free-flowing and be prepared to be emotionally overwhelmed.

Be open to change. A lot of information will be coming through which might potentially change your perspective. Opinions will be changed with access to greater information and better clarity.

Apart from Scorpio, Mercury will be in positive aspects with Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto during this Retrograde.

The Taskmaster, the Visionary, and the Powerful, respectively, will combine their powers to bring some long-term positive results in our lives as soon as Mercury lets the waters settle.

Hold on tight till then!

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