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Gemini New Moon On 13th June, 2018 – A Stroke Of Luck

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by Conscious Reminder

This upcoming New Moon is a sign of luck and prosperity. None of the planets are moving in such a way as to complicate things but at least eight fixed stars have power over it.

The New Moon will appear right in the midst of all these stars and it will look like it is dividing two of them that are very close to each other.

It will bring joy and prosperity. The New Moon will also help keep you and those you care about safe. This is the right moment to clarify your aims and to begin working towards them. The proximity of these stars makes you more business minded and your new ventures will prosper.

The astrological significance of the New Moon June 2018

Falling in the midst of 8 major fixed stars, the New Moon only has one planet influencing it and that is Pluto which does not have much power to exert when compared to the influence of the stars.

The Moon will be visible directly in the middle of the stars Mintaka and El Nath with the former having the most sway over it.

Position in Orion’s Belt

The power of Mintaka brings prosperity and guards you and those you care about. When we see the Sun and the Moon along with Mintaka we can expect things to take a turn for the better, joy and fame.

This energy urges all of us to be more careful, secretive, flexible, and watchful. It also improves one’s ability to do business by giving us the poise and bravery that we need.

Position in the Bull’s North Horn

The power of El Nath also brings luck and fame while putting you in a neutral position when you need to choose between positives and negatives.

The influence of this star will ensure that new ventures are successful, that people get new feathers in their caps, and more but it also leads to fighting between colleagues and puts a strain on almost all relationships.

The other stars

Capella shines brighter than the other 7 stars and so it exerts a great deal of power over the New Moon. It is the luckiest star of all and brings with it riches, fame, respect and relationships.

People become more cautious, curious, and apprehensive while heightening their love for learning and curiosities. People tend to study more and focus on their topics of interest. This can also lead to the affected people acting a little weird because they will ask whatever question comes to mind.

The star Capella will make us more curious, volatile, snarky, irritable and unhappy. While it bestows prosperity and the opportunity for adventure, it makes people speak rashly, fight, blinded and increases the risk of injury.

Al Hecka and Bellatrix are a lot like Mintaka but they don’t bring as much luck. The former is linked to dangerous behavior in men and the latter to the same in women. Phact is a star that is the messenger of all positive tidings and hope.

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