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Energy Healing, Intuition & Living A Better Life

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by Conscious Reminder

There are people who are curious, but there are also those who are quite skeptical when it comes to intuition.

However, more of them believe that intuition is a gift which is reserved for a special group of individuals, in which they don’t belong.

So, it is not a surprise why many people never use their intuition, or they simply think that they don’t use it.

How can energy healing boost a person’s intuition?

It isn’t a wonder that you all use your intuition on a daily basis. But, you are usually misusing it as you don’t really understand how it works. That actually means that you are missing out a skill which can make your life more comfortable and safer. 

Well, one fundamental thing you have to do in order to learn how your intuition works would be to use it properly. One natural and easy way would be to develop an everyday practice of hands-on energy healing.

Energy healing was said to be an innate skill which every one of you has, like intuition. In fact, it is quick and simple to use, which means that you can incorporate it in your everyday life.

For instance, you may start using your energy by simply recognizing what it actually is. Thinking of your body as energy in the physical form can make you understand that the process of working with energies is just like breathing.

Make energy healing your daily routine.

You should make this working with energies your everyday practice which acknowledges that you actually possess innate healing capacities as you intentionally utilize them. You can start and also end your day with such a ritual.

It can be something simple just like crossing your hands over your heart which you invite yourself to breathe in some healthy energy consciously, for several minutes, blessing yourself, and thanking yourself for spending time in doing the routine.

The result would actually be that over some time, the simple ritual will become part of your everyday life. It will also remind you that you can see something more from this world and that you can also be open by being present, and conscious of these healing moments.

Also, you will pay more attention to everything you notice as in such quiet moments your intuition will present itself.

Those would be several conscious moments when you will understand your sacred souls, and the bodies you have chosen to live in, and your connection to the world around you by simply inviting some healthy energy, in order to support and also inform you.

Even some simple rituals like this one will have a positive side effect, and boost your intuition. This will happen as there is an intimate connection between energy and intuition, and paying more attention to your energy several times during the day will open you up to your intuition.

Remember that energy is your foundation, while intuition is just one building block from the numerous blocks of your life, but it is usually a silent skill which you sometimes push aside in your busy and loud life. Energy rituals will easily help you normalize your healing and intuitive skills.

Healers are usually going to say that they are more intuitive. However, that is not because they work on their own intuition, even though they may be; it is simply because they permitted themselves to tap into their intuitive capacities with practices for energy healing.

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