Harvard University Is Offering An Extensive Free Online Buddhist Course For Anyone Interested

by Conscious Reminder

Buddhism – call it a religion, a way of life or a philosophy – it has pacified people for centuries. The teachings on kindness, peace, meditation and detachment are something we can all benefit from.

However, like all ancient philosophies, Buddhism is very convoluted and complex. Many of us may know the gist of it, but do we really know much about it?

The best way to know more about it is by engaging ourselves with Buddhist texts for decades and finding the right guide to help us.

Well – you don’t have to spend decades of work through Buddhist texts but now you can have a wonderful Guide!

Harvard University has taken a step to develop and introduce an extensive online course on Buddhism. The best part – it’s completely free. Firstly, you have the ‘Harvard University’ name attached to it, so you know that it will be quality stuff.

Plus, with the rising student loan crisis in the USA, it will be a great way for students to expand their sphere and find new avenues to explore. Especially, in the path of peace, destressing and detachment.

It’s amazing that such a university is actually trying to enroll students for free for an online course. It’s a rare occurrence. Plus, anyone can enroll in this course.

They don’t have to be students in the current university. Neither do they have to be college students. If you have the desire to learn more about Buddhism, you can enroll yourself in this course.

The instructor, or guide, will be Professor Charles Hallisey, who is from Harvard’s Divinity School. He is also the Yehan Numata Senior Lecturer in Buddhist Literatures.

This course will be a 4-week course and you can complete it within a week by devoting about 6-10 hours of your week for it. The lectures will have detailed information about the diverse backgrounds of Buddhism and also, present-day topics that divide us.

The course will be archived for interaction. However, you can access the content easily. One of the specialties of Professor Hallisey is that he wants to promote open-mindedness and acceptance of various, especially conflicting, viewpoints.

As per the description of the course, when we learn about Buddhism, we tend a learn a lot from it ourselves. It teaches us openness and that there is no default ‘right’ interpretation.

Many questions asked in the Scriptures will match up with what we ask ourselves at times. Questions that will help us unravel the world around.

You can register for this course here. Start your journey towards enlightenment now. Be happy and peaceful. Best of luck.

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