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Saturn, The Lord Of Karma, Turned Direct In Capricorn And It’s Time To Revise Our Lessons

by consciousreminder
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by Fiona Edgar,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, turned direct in Capricorn yesterday after a long retrograde period which began in April and we should now have an understanding of the lessons that he’s been teaching us during this time.

Over the last few weeks, we may have experienced epiphanies and come to a better understanding on how to resolve ongoing difficulties connected to power, discipline, and authority.

Over the past few months, we may have been experiencing conflict with the Government, bosses, partners, exes, the law, or anyone trying to manipulate and control us.

Saturn is the karmic teacher who guides us with a firm hand and his lessons can be difficult and painful, but they help us to grow and learn to take responsibility for our actions.

This planet is the watcher of all deeds, good and bad, and justice will be served one way or another during a Saturn transit.

The direct motion of Saturn moves the planet forward to make its final conjunction to the karmic South Node on the 28th of September.

This is the grand finale that we’ve all been waiting for – the ending of a situation where we were allowing ourselves to be restricted and dominated by a situation or person.

This issue may have been going on for years or even decades causing us to become complacent and weak, and in some cases, this situation has occurred in previous lifetimes in “wound-mate” types of relationships.

We’re being called to solve these issues now, once and for all as the energy of each individual’s situation is collectively contributing to the enslavement of the planet.

Addressing these issues on a personal level will shift the frequency of the earth and allow us to move towards a free world.

It’s our duty right now to reject anything that binds or restricts our freedoms, such as the nanny state, globalism and laws that take away the ability to make choices as an individual.

Making a dash for freedom may be frightening as we’ve become used to the control system, like sheep in a pen, but we’ll quickly see the rewards of moving in a new direction.

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