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Zodiac Signs Ranked From Angels To Devils

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by Conscious Reminder

Each sign of the Zodiac is in pair with a specific celestial being. In order to see whether you are an angelic type or a dark side-oriented one, read the rankings below. 


The people born under this sign are pure angels, and they have the original sin because God knew they aren’t capable of doing some other sin. They are so innocent and pure that even God says “OK, I get it—you’re good—but maybe take it down a notch because you make everyone else feel guilty.”


People born under Taurus have big hearts that always want to help other people. However, one negative personality aspect they have is that they are too kind and nice for their own good. Living in the devils-prominent world, this may be something dangerous.


The people that have this zodiac sign stick by their ethics code because they are quite independent. They are forgiving, empathetic, and caring people, and their single flaw is that they tend to get upset and angry when other people don’t understand their kindness.


Sagittarians are loving people who walk through their life with songs in their hearts and smiles on their faces. They are kind and social, and they enjoy being around other people. Moreover, the truth is really important for them, and they get mad if other people lie to them.


Aquarians always will to help other people or bring joy in their lives. This is not a surprise because they are loving, honest and kind individuals. Their powerful sex drive can be considered as their only flaw, as it often causes them to make inappropriate decisions.


The people born under this sign are in the center, as they have the angel standing on one of their shoulders and the devil standing on their second shoulder. They are full of contradictions. For them, evil and good, winter and summer, or night and day are wrapped together into one. 


Leos are noble and majestic unless they get mad. They are also devoted when it comes to doing something good; however, when a person crosses them, that person is going to regret what he or she did forever.


The people born under this sign desire to be good, but a lot of temptations and obstacles exist on their way. Their typical day includes things such as hookup with someone hot, taking their niece to school, or practicing yoga, and so on. They are definitely going to need forgiveness, which means that they should hope God will forgive them.


Virgos are generous, funny, and warm people. They are great people who are also really likable. But, when someone gets on their bad side, they are going to make that someone regret what he or she did for the rest of his or her life.


The people born under the sign of Aries have many vices, such as swindling, gambling, lying, backstabbing, drinking or sex. However, they are successful in covering them well.


Capricorns are said to be the devil’s reincarnation. They aren’t really interested in doing something good, because they say doing something good is only for suckers.


The people born under this sign were said to be the living evil’s embodiment. As for their physical appearance, they are really sexy, in that way bringing others to their knees.

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