The New Moon In Aries Carries A Massive Surge Of Energy At The Beginning Of The Astrological Year

by Conscious Reminder

The upcoming New Moon will bring with it the feeling of personal powers, or we will become aware of our place in this world.

This particular New Moon, happening in the sign of Aries, will mark the start of another new cycle. In fact, the cycle of the New Moon in Pisces ends, and the cycle of the Aries New Moon will start.

This lunar cycle will be an excellent time to actually commit to our personal goals which express the Ram’s positive energies.

It will be the time for taking action – we can try something innovative and new, and go for it with confidence; we should also be assertive but without being abrasive; we should take responsibility for our own lives; we can even start new projects, or discover our personal courage too.

This will be a quite strong cycle. So, under this cycle, we are going to reevaluate our own relationships. With the potent energy of Aries, we will have the opportunity to make some important changes too.

It will be the right time of building solid, but still realistic plans, or prepare ourselves to reap every reward from the new beginnings, regardless of how big or little they are.

We all know that the sign of Aries is actually the first one of our Zodiac, so New Moons in this sign are particularly ripe with chances for fresh beginnings. Aries goes through action and experience so that we could experience an adventure now.

Moreover, it is an excellent cycle, and under it, we can discover every benefit of authentically expressing ourselves, which means expressing as we actually are.

We could even find some ways of learning how we can rely on ourselves or be happy as we do that – it is going to lead towards discovering inner happiness if we are aware of the fact that we may be self-sufficient, and don’t blame other people as they haven’t helped us out.

In fact, it will be the period of revitalizing ourselves through new experiences which will break our routine and involve doing fresh and new things.

But, this New Moon will also form the square to the planet Saturn, and this suggests certain blocks surrounding these new beginnings.

Also, something may not happen as fast as we would like right now. However, there will be no planets or bodies in retrograde, and the things can swim along very well after the reality check-in.

Everything that we were working on took off, and we will see the results starting to show now. Our future also looks bright from where we stand.

The New Moon is going to bring with it the feeling of personal powers, or we will become aware of our place in this world.

It will be the time of personal development and incredible growth. We are prepared to spread our wings, taking on the world as a whole.

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