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The Libra New Moon This Weekend Will Turn You Into A True Mediator

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by Conscious Reminder

The September 28th New Moon rises this weekend at 5° Libra and will provide us with a sense of diplomacy, negotiating peace throughout.

One can find, on close observation, the effects of Libra and Mercury/Venus on it, as prescribed by Ptolemy.

Famous astrologer Eric Morse is of the opinion that Zaniah is probably one of those stars which draw a smile on the faces of astrologers. Probably because it has been historically linked with Mercury and Venus- money and love, respectively.

This is also true that Virgo has always been associated with harlots as well as great ladies. Now, that would seep to Libra as well, giving the appearance of a refined Geisha girl or a courtesan from the 1700s.


While New Moon will always ask us to bring out fresh starts and draw out influences from our past experiences, we might not succeed all the time.

It is due to the darkness from the Sun, which doesn’t illuminate our pathway, leading us to make blind decisions, based on desires and whims. Needless to say, they might not all be useful.

You can solve that by listening to your body. If you hear something bubbling deep inside you, you would know well to differentiate it between the attention-seeking cry of the ancestor and the gut feeling of yourself.

Anyway, you still need to discern a lot, for the darkness might make it easy for you to get hoodwinked. The New Moon will also be a time for magic to work at its finest, due to the distance between the Moon and the Earth. This would allow our imagination to run riot. So, don’t slip up for a second, and always make sure you know what you are seeking.

Libra Decan I

This Decan doesn’t really have many favorable interpretations. But this could also be because of the complexity and the relative infamy of the topic itself. It is also complex enough that your average Joe wouldn’t understand.

This Decan is heavily right-brained, and the light of the Moon sharpens the intuition. The mysticism associated with this Decan certainly isn’t one to scoff at.

Instead of clamoring for wars, or turning into berserkers, we are simply peacemakers. We want stability in society, not chaos. We are attracted to the night sky, whilst also finding the ability in us to prophesize.

Although the interpretations of this Decan haven’t really been a well-meaning one, one can still expect the Moon to provide us all with that quality.

We exude tranquility and peace and can neutralize any situation, just by being present in it. Our outer appearance towards our surroundings might be messy, but the Moon provides us with balancing energy that is very potent.

It is interesting to note that, in the event of acquiescence, we would be able to shift ourselves into a more defensive mode. We could also transform ourselves into a shadow goddess. What we need to understand is that not everyone is as harmonious and soothing as we expect them to be.

Our own naivety and ignorance to malice could be our downfall since we expect everyone to be as nice to us, as we are to them. The Libra Moon certainly expects that.

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