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What It Means To Have Your Ruling Planet Move Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

As the name retrograde implies, astrologically speaking, a planet spins backwards on their given paths. This is obviously a problem phase astrologically.

It causes problems of communication, understanding and other situations which simply cannot be evaded. Now the problems vary from sign to sign, and here is how:

1. Aries; Ruling planet – Mars

Aries are warlike and will pick fights with their loved ones, even on a normal day. It is not a wonder that their ruling planet is also the god of war, Mars. This makes Aries not the best of candidates when it comes to handling their ruling planet’s retrogrades. As a matter of fact, they need time and space and energy to handle these phases and often screw things up when the phases last longer than usual or come in batches of multiples.

2. Taurus; Ruling planet – Venus

You were born to handle the phases when your romantic energies are depleted, when your ruling planet retrogrades. As long as you do not rush headlong into things and try to force yourself to move on from the past, you will be fine.

3. Gemini; Ruling planet – Mercury

This is problematic simply because Mercury goes into retrograde thrice a year, as a matter of fact, it is in retrograde right now. Gemini are hence obviously more capricious than others, thanks to their ruling planets and general personality. As long as you try harder than usual to retain a decisive edge on your faculties, you are fine.

4. Cancer; Ruling planet – Moon

This is one of the better pairs simply because the moon cannot retrograde at all. But it does go through certain phases at certain times of the year which make the spot a bit slippery for the Cancer; but they are one of the best handlers, given they are used to dealing with an excess of emotions.

5. Leo; Ruling planet – the Sun

No retrogrades, but the proud Leos often find themselves in rough spots when other signs try to invade their private zones of comfort thanks to their ruling planets retrograding. That is something Leos hate more than the guts of the other signs on a normal day.

6. Virgo; Ruling planet – Mercury

Again, not the best candidates. This is because they simply collapse under the weight of their planet’s retrograde. They collapse under the weight of broader existential questions which normally do not bother them. They panic and become anxious.

7. Libra; Ruling planet – Venus

The retrograde motions of the goddess of love remind you of past lovers and the wounds they inflicted on your soul. This makes you crippled and you often spend the days in ennui and sorrow that is inexplicable.

8. Scorpio; Ruling planet – Pluto

You are someone who is totally motivated by power and schemes. But with your ruling planet’s motion going in the opposite direction, you will find yourself making rasher decisions and getting more frustrated far more easily than usual. So have patience and your head upon your shoulders.

9. Sagittarius; Ruling planet – Jupiter

Your obsession with precision and trial and error is totally busted with the king of the gods spinning in reverse. You are a sitting duck and you should be, given the amount of shit the people who love you have to deal with thanks to you.

10. Capricorn; Ruling planet – Saturn

The reverse motions of Saturn make your obsession with precision and efficiency a problem. You have to learn how to adjust and more importantly learn to live with a half-assed project; at least till the retrograde blows over.

11. Aquarius; Ruling planet – Uranus

You are normally a very fluid and flowing individual who can transition and adjust very easily. The retrograde takes that ability away at least for a while. Efforts at adjusting are a must.

12. Pisces; Ruling planet – Neptune

This is a special case scenario. The normal quality of a Piscean is a vague and abstract nature. When in retrograde, Neptune gives you the ability to work out of that vagueness into a wild storm of creativity and objectivity. Use it to your advantage.

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