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How Gemini Season 2019 Will Affect Your Career As Per Your Zodiac

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by Conscious Reminder

Taurus season is coming to an end, as the sun is moving from one sign (Taurus) to the Gemini from May 21 to June 21.

In Gemini season, it doesn’t really matter which zodiac you belong to, for you will find the effects and the energies way more than you would in some other zodiac season.

Gemini are social, curious and exciting people, who also have a very moody side to them. But what represents them most is the zeal to explore and look for other opportunities and options. This helps them satisfy their own thirst to succeed.

And to be someone who would never give in to monotony. Now, with that being said, wouldn’t it be extremely plausible that every other zodiac sign would want to take advantage of that, especially in their career?

Let’s find out.


You might find yourself bogged down by certain derailments in your career and place of work. You might even be demoted to second place. Instead of letting this get you down, simply move to another position that suits you best. Don’t panic.


This is the time to reflect back on what you are doing. Does it mean something? Does it make you happy? Is it worth it? If it checks out all the boxes, you are in the right place at the right time. If not, change directions.


As your birthday approaches, try to think about your job. Do they recognise you? Do they respect you? Are you considered an integral part of their workforce? If not, change is on the way.


Don’t let emotions control you. You are your own person. Also, you might think that people around you are trying to harm you, but don’t worry. All you have to do is keep a close eye on things, and also to realize that maybe your imagination is working a bit overtime.


You are going to rule the roost. Make connections, increase your influence, let the universe take you on a high as you traverse through every obstacle easily.


All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. You need to find a balance between when you watch Game of Thrones, and when you work. Too much of either will be detrimental to you. You are thrust into the spotlight, but you need to find a way out of it.


Simply rest it out, or you will get exhausted. Think about what you are doing, and how is it helping you. Don’t let your work burn you out. But also, don’t let your creative juices fall weak.


You might be in for some extra money. But you might have to use that silver tongue of yours.


Some good partnerships might be formed but you are forcing certain aspects to get more money. Don’t feel disheartened if things don’t turn out the way they were supposed to. Good things will happen when the time is right.


You might feel underappreciated at work, which is why you should take a vacation. We know, it is hard for a hard worker like you to waste time on vacations. But this will recharge you up.


You need to look inside yourself. For all the answers you seek are out there. You need to find an outlet inside you, and that would help you undertake bigger opportunities and decisions.


Money matters! And so, will it now when you get that raise you so deserve. Help it steer you in a more luxurious position.

Have a good season!

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