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Mars Is In Libra From October 3rd: Gentler Energies Will Soften The Warrior

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by Conscious Reminder

When Mars moves through Libra, the focus is on relationship stability. Now, the people with such traits come with wonderful properties of honing their degrading relationships or making the good ones even better. Are you one such person? Let’s find out.

During the movement of Mars in Libra, one is specifically aware of the hold of their relationships. One might have doubts about whether their relationship is headed to a dead-end or not.

Although, some take such times as the perfect moments for committing themselves in a positive relationship and propose.

During the period of Mars transitioning in Libra, people often try to be happy and take their relationships to a better stage than earlier.

This is predicted to be the nature of Mars transitioning in Libra that makes one think of balancing (thanks to Libra) and relationships overflow with passion and intense emotions of Mars.

Let us delve into few characteristics that people who are born at the time of Mars transitioning Libra have:

1. Relationship Maintenance

You realize that the true way of living your life is with people. Instead of socializing with a lot of people, you stick with a few you know well and build your relationship with them.

You try to be gentle and kind to others, especially to those who ask for your forgiveness after some major mistake. You keep your mixed characteristics of kindness and passion of Mars with the balance of Libra while dealing with people.

2. Diplomacy Is A Key For You

People who are born with Mars in Libra are evidently lovers. They believe in keeping their relationships an eminent part of their lives and always strive towards building it stronger.

These people are not clearly fighters because of the influence of Mars which shows exaggerated emotions instead they use their Libra effect and fuse passions of emotions with the diplomatic balance of Libra.

3. The Load Of Mars In Libra Traits

People with Mars in Libra traits work with their duality of two Zodiac signs that are advantageous for them.

They work on a properly balanced plan and make sure they are always stable. The influence of Mars makes them kind, passionate and careful about people they are close with.

Thus it is perfect if one can enjoy the blend of the two Zodiac signs but it can revert right back to square one if not understood properly.

It is important that you realize that a relationship only works mutually. Thus when it gets heavy on your side you should tell your partner instead of trying to balance the whole thing on your own.

The peacemaking ability in people with Mars in Libra is very prominent and many such people can easily fit in the jobs that require their services of making proper peace pacts between two parties.

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