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If You Have These Traits, You Have High Emotional Intelligence

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by Conscious Reminder

People increasingly accepted that their emotional intelligence plays an essential role in their happiness and success, not just their work, but also in their relationships, or every other area of their lives.

Here are the seven most common traits which emotionally intelligent people share:

They focus their attention on positive things.

Although they don’t ignore bad news, people with high emotional intelligence make their conscious decisions about not spending most of their energy and time focused on various problems. Instead, they should look at the positive things in a specific situation, and find the solutions to the problem. Emotionally intelligent people focus on the things they have the ability to do, or which they can control.

They surround themselves with positive people.

Those people who are highly emotionally intelligent do not spend their time in listening to the constant complaints of others around them and prefer to avoid such negative people.

In fact, they know that negative people will drain their energy and they don’t want to let other people exhaust their own vitality. As they always search for solutions, together with the positive things in various situations, negative individuals are quickly going to learn how they could avoid the positive ones.

The people who are emotionally intelligent spend most of their time with positive people. Also, their openness, caring attitude, and warmth leads other people to consider them trustworthy.

They set their boundaries, and also know when they should be assertive.

Even though the friendly and open nature of these people can make them seem as pushovers, these people have the abilities to set their boundaries and also assert themselves right when they have to.

They demonstrate consideration and politeness, but they are firm simultaneously. They never make enemies, and their responses to different situations, such as those with conflicts, are measured, managed appropriately, and not inflated.

They always think before they speak and also give themselves the needed time in order to calm when their emotions seem to become quite overwhelming.

They practice releasing the past and forward thinking.

Those people that are highly emotionally intelligent don’t waste their time on thinking of the possibilities in their future about spending most of their time dwelling on things which did not work in their past.

They learn from the failures from their past and apply that knowledge to the actions they make in their future. Failure is never a personal or permanent reflection of themselves.

They look for ways to make their lives more interesting and fun.

Regardless if it is on their workplace, with their friends, or at their home, the people with high emotional intelligence know what will make them happy, so they look for different opportunities in order to expand their enjoyment. They also feel pleased and satisfied when they see other people happy and fulfilled.

They choose how they can invest their energies wisely.

These people also have the ability to move on from some conflicts with other people. They never prefer to use anger over the way other people treated them; instead of that, they use such incidents for creating awareness about how they can prevent that from happening again. Although they forgive, they will never forget, so you cannot take advantage of them again, during the same circumstances.

They always live independently and choose growth.

Those people who have high emotional intelligence are learners their whole lives, and they continuously grow, evolve, or open to different and new ideas. They always want to learn something from other people.

As they are also critical thinkers, these people are always open to accepting other people’s opinions if they are better than theirs. However, they ultimately trust their judgment and trust themselves, when it comes to making the best possible decision in life.

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