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Your Capricorn Season Horoscope Is Here: This Is How You’ll Deal With The Changes

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun has shifted in Capricorn now, and we are ready for a few more drama-filled days! The year is coming to an end, but the cosmos have more than enough to serve us.

With the Solstice and the Great Conjunction happening when the Sun shifted to Capricorn yesterday, many new changes are headed our way.

While Aquarius energy will keep us on our toes, Capricorn will keep us anchored at all times. We seek security and material gains and won’t be afraid to try new routes to reach them. Capricorn energy makes us more practical and responsible.

Here’s how the zodiac signs will deal with Capricorn season 2020-2021.


Use this month to chalk out your career path. In order to reach your goals, you have to be patient. You have to be thorough in what you do, Capricorn does not allow shortcuts. Be slow and steady, and let the universe take care of the rest.


Ready to venture out of your comfort zone, cozy Taus? Be it a trip to a faraway place or seeking higher education, you want to expand your mind. And Capricorn season is sending you the best vibes! Be more open to new experiences, they will help you fix your long-term goals.


Capricorn asks you to own your responsibilities. Be it debts, broken promises, or personal boundaries, you have to balance them. When you become more trustworthy, you will be adding value to your own image. You need to be more responsible and dependable not only for others but also for yourself.


Love and relationships are on your mind this Holiday season. Your serious fling could develop into a serious relationship if you take the right steps. But if there are thorns to pick, they will hurt now more than ever. You want to set higher standards for yourself now. But for that, you have to make sure your partner can actually live up to it!


Want to restructure your routine, start a health schedule, or just break some bad habits? Capricorn is right beside you to cheer you on! As the focus shifts on your sense of discipline, you will want to be better organized. Start with small steps that will help you control your health better first.


A romantic month awaits you as flirty and creative energy fills the air. You are seeking pleasure now and are willing to explore! Let go of the reigns now and let your heart think for you. You don’t have to be the practical task-master all the time!


The Sagittarius season has left you emotional and nostalgic. Take the grounding energy of Capricorn and focus on relaxing. You can redo your room or have a cozy party with your dearest friends. Just sit back and enjoy the vibes.


As the Sun focuses on your social life now, be ready for an overflowing inbox! The key here is to be mindful and to be present in the moment. Work, holidays, and social life might become overwhelming, so you have to sort through them. Set your priorities and ignore the unimportant ones.


While the birthday month was great for you, it is time to look at the bills now! Track all your expenses, set a budget for the coming days, and set financial goals for 2021. You can make great memories without spending a ton!


Happy birthday dear Capricorns! You are about to receive a good confidence boost, and that is going to help everyone around you. Don’t be afraid to let your guard down. Be authentic and put your weirdest ideas on the table. And you will inspire others to embrace their authentic selves too!


The coming month is going to be a spiritual one, where you barely stay in touch with the practical world. Work on the things that trouble your subconscious and then move on. You can take the help of healing crystals and meditation too!


Time to find ways to be more involved with issues and causes you love! Let your empathy be your guide now. Find ways to reach out to the greater community and spread your empathy. Let your inner leader shine now!

Capricorn season is bringing some changes, but changes are not always bad. Let your inner authentic self shine now, and you will be on your path to success!

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