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April Astrology Through Dates: Fast, Fast Then Slow

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by Conscious Reminder

The beginning of the month of April will pass very quickly and make us feel several emotions at a quick pace.

We might be able to shirk off the procrastination and feel motivated to face the challenges in front of us. April 2021 will offer extra energy to kick-start many pending projects, creative concepts, and new ideas.

11th April will witness the New Moon of Aries that is perfect for executing plans, setting objectives, and planting new ambitions. The beginning of April has the magnetic energy to successfully manifest these goals into success.

All the strong energy from potent cosmic configurations will transform April into a happening month and bring several changes. Let’s have a look at the significant astrological events in April 2021.

Mercury Present In Aries – 3rd April

Mercury, the communication-driven planet, will arrive at Aries that will encourage positive communication and understanding. You would be able to share your perspectives with others. Your ideas would be accepted and understood affirmatively.

44 Day – 4th April

We will get the power number, 44.44, which symbolizes a strong numerology code on the 4th day of the 4th month. This powerful code represents authenticity, healing, and a durable foundation to build things on. Our guardian angels are also connected to this number.

Sun Conjunction With Ceres – 6th April

Ceres is the asteroid that symbolizes feminine power, abundance, and nourishment. Every time we witness the alignment between the Ceres and the Sun, we are blessed to feel the profound energy flowing deep within each living being. This time is ideal for creative output and following your heart. Ceres emphasizes love. Thus, we should indulge in things that make us truly happy.

Mars Square Neptune – 9th April

The Mars Neptune Square will be revealing some important information that might lead to a tense or heated response. Neptune is known to bring out revelations that stimulate an impassioned response. However, this time the repercussions will be on a global level that will also affect personal lives. So we must trust our intuition and act quickly.

New Moon In Aries – 11th April

This Aries lunation is ideal to set new goals and set motion to plans made long before. The New Moon is going to attract what you deeply desire. It will boost your intentions, and expand your horizon. Pluto and Venus are very active and might bring complications in relationships. Reclaim the authority by reaching within and getting a hold of your inner strength.

Sun Eris Conjunction -13th April

Eris is situated beyond Pluto. This dwarf planet has a high-frequency of energy that can stimulate our subconscious. Eris can bring awareness about crucial global issues including gender inequality.

Venus Enters Taurus – 14th April

Venus, the love planet, arriving in Taurus is an ideal time to indulge in luxuries. Get new clothes, delicious meals, and extravagant things that make you feel special.

Sun Conjunction With Mercury – 18th April

This configuration will usher the perfect time for communication. So try sharing your story, engage in difficult conversations, write a letter or do a podcast.

Taurus Season – 19th April

Taurus Season urges us to slow down and focus on ongoing projects rather than starting new ones. Everyone must consolidate and create a strong foundation.

Venus Conjunction With Uranus – 22nd April

Uranus comes in with a volatile possibility for a change. This time encourages us to focus on our relationships and smoothen the issues. There might be some feelings of restlessness.

Mars in Cancer – 23rd April

This phase will intensify our emotions as well as make us more restless. We need to find a creative exercise to release this restless energy and become productive again.

Scorpio Super Full Moon – 26/27th April

Scorpio Full Moon is deeply restorative and will cleanse our energies. There might be some sudden transformations and instability due to emotional upheaval that might be positively enlightening.

Pluto Retrograde – 27th April

This means that we will have a major planet through retrograde after a long time. We might come across a point where we need to look back at the September-October events from last year.

Sun Conjunction With Uranus – 30th April

The annual Sun Uranus Conjunct drives awakening, change, and innovation. Unnecessary things will slip away while environmental issues will re-emerge.

While so many cosmic events might overwhelm our senses and understanding, we must try to remain grounded. Things will change for the better if we can keep control of our life.


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