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October Astro Forecast: What The Spookiest Month Has In Store For You

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Although October has its fair share of challenges and alignments, we shouldn’t be seeing them as such. 

In fact, we should be able to view all the challenges this month has as the Universe’s way of telling us that we are almost on the verge of transcending to a newer level. It would be amazing for us too, to view the entire month differently.

Our strength doesn’t end where we think it does. It extends to a whole lot more, precisely why the Universe keeps nudging us upwards.

It consistently raises the energies, so we can match up to them. Our readiness is based on our souls choosing this world to do the job they were meant to be.

The next year wouldn’t just affect on an individual scale, but also on a global scale. October is going to give us premonitions of the things coming our way.

The first one is Pluto moving into Capricorn direct, after being in Retrograde motion since April 2019. That’s interesting, for Saturn too is moving towards Capricorn.

Needless to say, these mammoth bodies aren’t caring much for blocks or obstacles in their paths.

Although these planets aren’t interacting till January, Pluto being direct is enough to give a massive kick-start to the proceedings. In case you aren’t aware of what is to come, think back to what you were doing in April 2019.

Did you transform? Did you change something very intrinsic about yourself? There were clues dropped during that time, which could provide a very minuscule picture of what was about to come.

Mercury will be in Scorpio from 3rd of October, but the effects would start dimming by the 11th of October. As October nears its end, it will turn Retrograde, and let’s just say it- it will be interesting.

This Retrograde serves the perfect opportunity for you to grow and develop to your full potential. Since the next month is all about growth, this Retrograde actually would give us the space to wait as a bystander and observe the changes that we have brought through.

The season of Libra has all been about relationships. Relationships not just with other people, but also our own body, mind, and soul. On 13th  October things will come to a head under the Full Moon in Aries.

Now, you need to chart the next course of action when it comes to relationships. This Retrograde will help you, along with the Full Moon, to get an idea as to how to proceed with your relationship. We would realize the need to get up and stand for our own rights if we’ve been oppressed or simply been a pushover. Or you could actually be more into forgetting and forgiving if you’ve been too strict.

The Full Moon is going to be really important in the sphere of your relationships, simply because it would illuminate the manifolds of your relationship. That being said, you will get an idea as to what could bring about an equilibrium between you and others around you.

You would know when to take care of the needs of others, as well as yourself. The compassion, the kindness that you show, will be reflected by others.

October 22nd would see the Sun positing itself in Scorpio and on 27th October we would be having the New Moon in Scorpio.

Scorpio has always been associated with rebirth and death. Hence, this New Moon would be all about getting a rejuvenation towards something new, while also letting go of stuff that isn’t of much use anymore.

As October moves into Halloween in the last week, we would be witnessing the shroud thinning between fact and fiction. In fact, we would be able to attune ourselves to the spirit realm, thereby obtaining information and guidance from them.

Remember people close to you in the spirit realm, and think about meeting them someday. For, the ones that love us, never really leave us.

October can get challenging, but at the end of it, we would be the ones thanking it for making us stronger.

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