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A Powerful Full Moon On May 29th, 2018: Expect Anything And Everything

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon in the month of May will take place at 8° in the sign of Sagittarius. The fixed star Antares would be of special significance during this time.

This is because it is in conjunction with the Full Moon. It is notably located in the heart of the Scorpio. Had it been a New Moon, this particular fact might not have made much of a dent.

But this being a Full Moon means that the Sun will be on the direct nemesis of Antares. This is the fixed star Aldebaran, which is located at 10° in the house of Gemini. Both the stars command great power, and are always in opposition with each other.

There are two more stars, Regulus and Fomalhaut which are considered to be the rest of the 4 royal stars as described by the Persians. Together they form the cross of the equinoxes and the solstices. They are the stars which are associated with the four archangels, the four seasons and the four directions. They are also the one on the Rider-Waite tarot deck.

The Full moon is rising in Sagittarius Decan 1 that interprets into swift action. But this doesn’t mean reckless pursuit of things you want. Rather it is more mediated and planned.

Aspects of the Full Moon

There is no aspect with any particular planet, barring a minimal quincunx with Venus. But it is not going to influence much during the Full Moon’s reign. However, the aspects which do matter are the ones which the Full Moon is making with the fixed stars.

In addition, the water grand trine is nearing its completion and would be realized soon as Venus reaches 15°Cancer. There is significant activity even before the Full Moon, Jupiter will trine Neptune just a few days prior to it.

The water trine will see Jupiter on Achernar, which is a religious star. This star is benevolent towards those who adhere to their religious or philosophical teachings and rewards them likewise.

The major influence on this Full Moon comes from Jupiter and thus the Jupiter trine Neptune combination will also have an important role to play. This is the time to seek and learn from a mentor. But try not to idolize them to the extreme. This aspect is also benevolent and promotes charity. The naive would want an idealistic world whereas the opportunists would want to take advantage of the former.


The fixed star Antares is one which inculcates and promotes critical and metaphysical thinking. At the same time, it is also prone to drama and emotional turbulence. The intensity and primal energy of Antares is to be taken note of.

The influence of this royal star is enough to grant great success and Fame to those who are willing to pursue their dreams. But the danger of recklessness always looms in the balance. This star is known for its preferences towards the extremes; therefore tread lightly during its reign.


This Full Moon has powerful forces in opposition with each other. Rely on your instinct to navigate through this confusing time. Antares means that whatever you perceive is exactly how it is.

Don’t start something in the hope of digging out the hidden good or bad in something. It is exactly the same from the get go. The grand water trine will be helpful in healing but you first need to guide their energy in the right direction.

Keep working on your dreams. They will materialize, even if they are not the exact shape that you hoped for.

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