Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope For The Week Of September 30th

by Conscious Reminder

We know it is impossible to predict the future. Yet, there is no harm trying to reach that sweet spot, where you can be assured that at least most of the predictions would be correct.

Here’s the horoscope for the present week, for all the zodiacs.


You will be beset with gains in the financial sector. You could also be spending much time with your loved ones, and may also go on dates with them after October 3rd. If you are single, you might find some matches tailor-made for you! Business dealings in petroleum will pay huge dividends, while you can also ace any up and coming exams.


This will be a roller-coaster of a week, where you can’t afford to jeopardize your career, simply because you wanted to spend some more time with your seniors. Don’t act spoilt or sarcastic before your family, and be sure to maintain the consumption of water and food, so as to not fall ill.


You need to be calm and composed when dealing with people in your profession. Else, you might not reach the heights you have aspired for. Also, keep a track on your expenditure- don’t expend more than you can carry. There is no reason why you shouldn’t feel excited as a student, but you need to work hard to crack any competition you face.


A relatively calm period for you where you would not face much trouble. If you are facing any problem at work, ask your seniors. In business, move towards expansion. Spend a bit- live a comfortable life. Your domestic life would be without struggle, yet you do need to take care of your health.


Although you might be facing some trouble at work, your familial life is going to be alright. There might be some problems at work, including the struggle to match up with your colleagues. Also, you need to deal with your children with politeness. As a student, you might be facing the dilemma of leaving studies. Don’t let go so fast. You could also get opportunities to go abroad.


An adventurous week beckons you! Your health will be fine, but your domestic life may take a hit. You could try solving the problem that you face, by talking about it as a group. You can also enjoy some prosperity at work, but make sure to not get over-confident. Young people would feel cheerful and happy. If you are in business, go for expansion.


Life is going to be happy in the first half of the week, but you do need to make sure that you are healthy. Have a safe time with your family, though your children can be a bit of a nuisance. You should be wary of an old friend stabbing you in the back.


You will finally get noticed for your hard work, which also means that you would finally get prosperity at your work. People in large families might face problems of residential shifts, but you would have the support of your elder sibling. Also, you would finally be ready to take care of your health.


You would be beset with misunderstandings in your familial life, but that can be solved with mere discussions. At the end of the day, you do need to take care of it. Your professional life will be successful and you wouldn’t be facing any troubles there. Take care of your health- that is very important.


This period is great for people employed. You wouldn’t really have to worry about your promotions or business taking off the ground, for that would be taken care of. Students would get really focused on their work, as they should. Your health might be a bit weak- take care of that.


The beginning of the week could get really dangerous for you. But later, it would be fine. All you need to do is keep your head down, and work for your own prosperity. Students should not get bogged down by thoughts of the future- what is required now, is of the essence.


You will be in arguments early in the week. To handle that, let your friends and family be your back up. In fact, being in a joint family is going to be a peace-maker for you. Students would really get into their studies and have no problems concentrating.

Have a safe week ahead!

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