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The Curse Of Bad Karma: The Root Of Karmic Diseases

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by Conscious Reminder

We all know what goes around comes around. Karma is the perfect dish that fate serves and sometimes it becomes a huge burden.

However, Karma is solely dependent on what we do and only we can change our quota of suffering. It is not an uncontrollable force, rather it is pretty simple : you are the cause of your problems and you are the solution.

When it comes to karmic diseases, we can eradicate the negative karma which is the source of the illness.

The illness could be a shock, it could also be a long period of sickness, or someone you hold dear may fall ill. It is unpredictable and challenging. Believe it or not, the physical manifestation stems from mental clutter.

Anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, and such negative emotions are indicative of bad Karma. Once you make a conscious decision to alter your present and in the process nullify your past misdeeds, you create a scope for a better and brighter future.

What is Karmic Disease?

A disease that has its cause in past lives or is a consequence of serious violations of the Universal Principles is a Karmic disease. It may be related to the spirit or to the body. It may also be both. Every single disease is the outcome of ignorance and unnatural behavior. Its objective is to extend our cognition and pay for our Karma in some form.

You may have knowingly or unknowingly hurt others; caused them discomfort. These deeds are engraved in our Akashic Records, and determine our destination in life. The negative aura of old enemies, astral miasmas that tend to influence the physical manifestation of these disorders.

If you have consequently aborted issues in your past lives, you may have to face tremendous amount of problems in childbirth, complications in your reproductive organs and difficulty in conceiving in this life. It is a lesson for the soul.

The aborted fetus becomes the primary cause of pain in the mother’s life as it takes revenge on being denied life.

There have been instances of mutual bonds before reincarnation between mother and child. This way, the child is born but with some disability. The mother’s care, love and concern is tested time and again till the child is alive. It is a form of penance and the mother is stripped of her sins. Divine justice is meted out.

Collective Karma is also experienced by certain groups. The people who took part in the Catholic Inquisition in the Middle Ages – they killed Jews, Muslims, “witches”, homosexuals and any person who did not conform to their rules and regulations.

Such acts are the source of bad Karma and the sects have to endure suffering. The people will have to face tremendous consequences in the form of familial dispute, illness and hurdles.

Unlike other ailments, this can be cured through charity, moral living and virtuous deeds. Try to look at things you have, realize that is rare and share it with those who are less privileged. Constantly comparing and being jealous of those who are in a better position in life will get you nowhere.

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