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Is October Really That Much About Spirituality?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Historically and traditionally, October has always been a very spiritual month. So, what better time to tap into it then?

While we do feel that things get pretty haunted around this time, you need to realize that not all spirits are out for your blood.

Yes, there is obviously a presence behind you, but that is simply the overflow of energy that this month is famous for. The veil separating us from the spiritual world thins, leading to us being in the proximity of them.

So, why not take the time to honor what we have before us, the tangible and the intangible the seen, and the unseen, what is and what could be. This veil, which is getting thin, only lasts until the 11th of November. So, why not utilize this time to honor the deceased?

This period should involve you taking the time off to remember the dead with fondness. You should light a candle, and probably write a few lines in memory of them. You could also set aside a place just for them where you would be able to remember them better.

Maybe an altar, or a pedestal, anything that will help you bring out those memories that brought you and them closer. You could light a candle before their altar, maybe put a picture of them, and simply talk.

Talk about your life, talk about your day, talk about how they loved things. Talk about life itself. Show that you care.

You could also pick up some autumnal leaves to keep in a bowl. This will symbolize the things that you want to get rid of and the things you want to have more value to your life. You could do anything, as long as that helps you connect with the divine.

A hint of warning though. Halloween is well and good, and people usually take it as a joke, but maybe, just maybe, it isn’t one. The spirits that you call for, might not be good. You never know what you are bringing in.

In fact, it depends on who you are playing- if your avatar is a benevolent spirit, that’s who’s going to come to your house. If it is a bad, evil spirit that you are fooling around with, that is who will come inside.

Learn the following tips this Halloween:

1. Learn how to call kindred spirits

2. How to repel evil spirits

3. Halloween parties need to be avoided

4. If the energy is bothering you, stay under the radar

5. Meditate more, to deal with anxiety

6. Avoid places that are a hub for evil spirits

7. Ghost tours should be themed historically, not one that is a horror, ghastly event

But don’t worry, this period lasts only till the 11th of November. Don’t forget to have fun though!

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