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Is Heaven Trying To Get Your Attention?

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Feeling Those Heaven-sent Messages

The veil between this world and the next (heaven) is very thin. As a medium, I have the ability to see beyond that veil and communicate with the Spirit World. I treat it with the utmost respect and never abuse the privilege that’s afforded to me.

As I raise my own vibrations to make a connection, I always stop and honor their presence as I blend with their energy. I get to see and feel a soul in its entirety–youthful, beaming, and luminous–even if it’s for the briefest of moments. I celebrate their joys and their sadness, as well as their love. It is a blessing to do this work, but I’ve never considered it as a job and never take it for granted.

The people who receive a message through me from loved ones on the Other-Side often tell me what a beautiful gift they’ve just received, but in reality, I’m the one who’s received the ultimate gift. It’s a chance for me to honor my soul purpose of being all that I can be as a spirit messenger to help others in their time of need.

Communicating Alone Can Be Equally Insightful

Communication and closeness with departed loved ones in heaven is also possible without necessarily sitting with a medium. So many people come to see me and express how much they’d love to connect with the Other-Side for themselves, rather than receiving the information secondhand.

To experience your own communication firsthand, it’s important to become aware. For example, the next time you’re thinking of someone who’s passed over, it could be because at that exact moment, they’re lovingly thinking of you, too. Be aware of each time you think of them and keep an open mind. As I often say: “Your loved ones are just a thought away.” As always, I urge you at the start to keep a record of your experiences in a journal.

‘Talking with Our Think’ and Child Chats with Heaven

A beautiful story of this child’s belief in the power of thought illustrates my point perfectly. It revolves around a little girl named Daisy who passed to spirit at the very young age of ten. During her last days, Daisy looked up and told her mother that she was communicating with her little brother who had passed years earlier. In fact, Daisy told her mother that the little boy was standing right beside her and the two were having quite a lively conversation.

“How do you speak to your little brother? I don’t hear or see you moving your lips,” asked the bewildered mother. The grinning little girl answered: “We talk with our think.”

John’s Lesson

Is someone trying to get your attention from the Other-Side?

Would you like to get a sign yourself?

If so, then simply ask for one. Reach out with your thoughts and love to the person you would like a sign from. When you ask for a sign, you must be ready for one. In other words, your loved ones and friends in the Spirit World take their cues from you.

If they know that a message might cause you to be sad or emotional, they will often wait until you are in a better space. Messages are meant to be loving with happy memories that should make you smile. They are ‘Hellos from Heaven.’

Ready for a Message from Spirit?

So, if you feel you’re ready for a message, please let your spirit family and friends that you’re ready for a sign. Don’t demand – just ask lovingly.

Be open to any sign that they can send. If you do in fact get a message and you’re not sure who’s sending it, then ask: “If this is you Mom, then send me another one of the same signs.”

Just remember – love is everlasting, neither death, nor time, or even distance can ever separate us from the ones we love. We are and always will be connected.

Live a Soul-filled life!

About the Author:  is an artist, author, public speaker, and psychic medium. To learn more about John Holland, visit http://www.johnholland.com.

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