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Aries Full Moon On October 13th: Find The Silver Lining

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by Conscious Reminder

This Sunday, October 13th would herald a Full Moon which is going to bring challenging emotions out into the open. This is due to the testing square from Pluto.

But a trine with Jupiter ought to bring in some positivity into this entire event. While this Full Moon does bring out a crisis in a relationship, it also gives us enough opportunities to grow.

In fact, couples already going through hard times would find some respite in their relationship. This is due to the presence of the stars from Constellation Andromeda which bring appreciation and love to the forefront. This also brings in aspects from previous New Moons.


The specialty of this Moon is that it doesn’t align itself with major stars but takes influence from minor stars in Andromeda.


With the Full Moon squaring Pluto, we might start indulging in our banal instincts. We could get destructive and compulsive, bringing forth previously exposed feelings out into the open.

Also, you can indulge in erstwhile notions of bigotry, racism, sexual misconceptions, and the like. Unfortunately, this will not only harm your peace of mind but also harm your own personal growth as a human being.

When it comes to relationships, there would be an ensuing power struggle that would focus on you trying to control your partner or the other way round.

Whatever it may be, you will always be surrounded by feelings of jealousy, emotional manipulation, and ruthlessness. But, this is going to last just till this period. Family secrets may get disclosed, as might your more embarrassing habits.


The Full Moon trining Jupiter will lead to open-mindedness. This, in turn, will help us express ourselves powerfully to people around us. We could very well explain our conscious awareness to our family and closed ones.

Also, a crisis in relationships can be eliminated using the powers of the Full Moon, which will give us the opportunity to grow and develop in our relationships.

You will also find that your intimate relationships with people are getting even more passionate, simply by opening up to them and maintaining a strict parameter of honesty.

Business transactions would also improve if healthy respect is meted out on both sides. You might even get lucky in both love and career if you can make some amazing friends, leading to a gain in material wealth.

With Jupiter semi-sextiling Pluto comes the urge to bring about positive changes, all the while reforming, and transforming. With an increase in power and the influence you wield, you will be able to change things in your way, be it professional or spiritual.

There are forces at work in the background which would help you get the success that you so truly deserve. But you need to work for it too. Take the opportunities given to you with both hands, and don’t let go if someone influential decides to be your patron.

It is important to note that semi-sextiling isn’t really a major aspect, yet the power the two planets wield is enough to make it something big.

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