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6 Easy Magical Ways To Keep Your Crystals Clean And Strong

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In the following article we shall explore how to harness the power of crystals in our lives and surround ourselves with their energy and thus increase the level of universal magic.

Almost all of us can sense the flooding of a positive energy when we notice a crystal. These are gifts from the mother earth that can help us in feeling connected with the cosmos that surrounds us.

This can initiate a process of true healing to invoke true power which is simple, uncomplicated and surreal.

Following are the six simple ways you can harvest the energy of a crystal:

Think of a crystal that you feel attracted to:

Crystals are like good friends who come into our lives and inspire us, help us heal and make us learn from valuable experiences.  Such a relationship lasts the entire life and like a universal messenger aids us in maintain a proper balance in our lives.

Keep your crystal with you all the time:

The more your crystal stays in your proximity the better attuned will your relationship with it be. It takes some time for crystals to produce results but it surely does. So it’s better to wait and good things would turn up surely.

Keep your crystal clean:

For your crystal to work effectively you must clean it as it absorbs debris from everyday life that would have affected you. Keep your crystal in water and salt overnight or bury it in the ground for a night. Or you can cleanse it with herbs.

Empower your crystal by placing it within your personal space:

If you’d want to have a particular room in your house charged with a specific kind of energy you can keep the crystal in that space for a week and then visualize the energy emanating from the crystal and charging the place.

Use crystals to absorb negativity

There are some crystals that are better at absorbing negativity. These crystals are usually black in color and you should keep the crystal in the room or house for 1-2 days from where you want to remove the negativity.  You can also wear the crystal so that it can protect your body from negativity.

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