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Use These 4 Easy Steps To Ground Your Energy And Find Balance In Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Have you grounded your energy yet?

Being grounded establishes a connection with our beautiful Earth. We get a sense of who we really are. We get deeply rooted in our real selves.

A plant is rooted in the soil deeply so that it can grow healthily. Similarly, if your roots are strong, you’ll be able to grow in life as a person, overcoming all obstacles.

But hey, we all have our bad days. Life seems to knock us down. At times like these, we fail to understand what to do. How do we get back up again? We’re confused, worried and uninspired.

If you do feel this way, grounding will help you give yourself that extra boost you need in life.

Benefits of grounding:

  1. Reducing anxiety as well as lack of interest.
  2. Mental and emotional growth.
  3. Clear understanding of life and self.
  4. Knowing your own interests, passions and thoughts.
  5. Becoming a stronger and healthier person in all aspects.
  6. Reducing confusion, and indecisiveness.
  7. Better understanding of personal feelings.
  8. Becoming more responsible of your current position in life.

Yes, there are many benefits. But the process isn’t difficult. Grounding is simply a way to have a connection with life’s truths, to respect your feelings, being one with the Earth.

But how do you ground yourself? Here are some suggestions you may find useful:

1. Staying in touch with Nature

Try to spend some time in the lap of nature. Being among plants and flowers will help you connect with your inner self. The smell of nature and the sounds of leaves and birds will make a connection between you and Mother Nature.

You can try to feel the Earth underneath your feet. Walk over the grass, listen to what nature’s saying. All the small scenes and sounds would heighten your senses. Leave your electronic devices at home. Use nature as the means of connection.

2. Grounding meditation

Choose a green spot at your garden and sit comfortably with your body in connection with Earth. Keeping your eyes closed, slowly start imagining your body sinking slowly into the soil.

Feel the earth under your feet. Picture roots spreading out of you and embedding in the soil. Imagine your roots growing with nourishment from nature. Take big breaths slowly, allowing yourself to feel connected.

3. Barefoot walking

Does being around technology most hours of the day tire you out? Have a breather in nature.

For the busy people out there, even a 10-15 minutes’ walk on the grass also works. Walk on the lush, green grass barefoot. Feeling the soil and nature beneath your bare feet would calm your senses and revive your energies.

4. Balance of root chakra

The root chakra, also known as the red chakra, is the key element that helps to connect with the Earth and inner soul.

How can you establish the harmony of the root chakra?

You may perform a balancing meditation, wear a red crystal as a pendant or ring, eat rooted vegetables like beetroot, or perform standing yoga positions.

Life throws us many situations when we feel confused. We start losing our minds not knowing how to proceed. These are the moments that we need to ground our souls and connect with the Earth.

When technology, chaos, crowds and busy lives distract us, a day close to nature will work wonders.

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