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How Long Do Spirits Stay Around The Living After The Physical Death

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by Conscious Reminder

Many of us have these questions about death, cremation etc. which bother us and we are desperate to find a quick answer as the subject is too disturbing to be left hanging in the head.

Lately I have been receiving these types of question like ‘where to put the ashes of a loved one after their death? When your loved ones die, what happens with their energy, does it stick around?’

Well, when a person dies, the connection that they had with their loved ones does not get broken immediately. The connection can stay for a long, long time and thus you can feel their energy.

The truth is that the dead actually never leave at all. They simply change their dimension or the plane of their existence.

Some say that the dead remain in this dimension for just 40 days before moving on, but this is not true. There is ample evidence to prove that the communication with the dead is quite possible, even after many years of their death.

Spiritualists all across the world have shown this ability to connect with the dead. Even those who are not gifted with psychic vision or clairvoyance have also had close encounters with spirits who have passed away a long, long time ago.

Dr. Raymond Moody, known for his near-death studies, asserts that, Elvis Presley, the person who died in 1977, could still be seen in the city of Memphis, sometimes in the theater where he used to sing.

The idea of the 40 Day- stay was adopted by early Christians from the ancient Egyptians who believed in the passing of soul to the underworld through the ferry.

The Christian tradition did not allow the cremation till 1963, before which only burial was allowed. Nowadays, the American bishops clearly mention that one must not be scattered on the ground or in the sea.

I also believe that there is nothing wrong in keeping the urns of the loved ones in the house.

But remember that the spirit will haunt the house if she/he has some unfinished business left in the world.

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