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Don’t Make Spirituality Your New Comfort Zone. It’s Time To Live Life To The Fullest

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We let our initiation into spiritual awakening become a lonely one, seldom giving our feelings and expressions an outlet and keeping all within ourselves.

We make the mistake of not giving back to the real world the lessons we have imbibed on our spiritual journey. This causes a lot of torment within ourselves.

Our journey into spiritual awakening is fraught with this conflict. We cannot reconcile our new idea with our old self. Our journey into spiritualism has, on most occasions, been initiated by a traumatic phase in our life.

That makes us inclined towards a quiet life of peace and solitude. But we should be doing the opposite instead. We ought to assimilate what we have learned and experienced and apply this divine power to heal and transform others.

This might be perhaps the most difficult lesson on our spiritual journey. This is truer for those who have forever been trodden on all their lives.

But if we are to grasp the inspiration of absolute and genuine love, we should be open to the thought that we may be hurt in the process. But that is a small price to pay if we are to help the society and ourselves in the process.

We have passed through a lot before we have come to this state. We have experienced and incorporated a lot. Now it is our duty to share this treasure with others.

Staying within our own cocoon may seem comforting. But that indicates that we have failed to complete our journey. We remain unfulfilled until we have given back to society all that we have picked up on our spiritual journey.

This might mean getting yourself involved spiritually and even physically in society once more. you need to descend from your high perch and deal with the many injustices that you see around you.

There is a need to be involved both spiritually and even physically in this world. Your spiritual awakening is a temporary detachment from society, do not strive to make it permanent.

We are social beings both in the physical and spiritual dimensions and we need to be assimilated completely once we are spiritually awakened.

We see people who are deep into the spiritual world but still suffer because they have failed to integrate all that they have gained spiritually into their physical world. Spirituality is not a journey that should bring pain and detachment.

It is a period of temporary disengagement but the journey ends with our assimilation back into society. Life is not meant to be suffered in isolation from society.

Learn to follow your intuition which will lead you back to where you began but richer in experience and understanding.

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