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Are You Spiritually Disconnected? 3 Symptoms Of A Lost Soul

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These are people who have lost their ability to stay in touch with their spiritual side. These are individuals who have already blocked their intuition. They do not try to look within for answers anymore.

They just take things at face value. When people do this, they block out the possible guidance they may get from the universe. They become sad and angry because they do not understand the things that they are going through. The lives of lost souls are often complicated.

If you are trying your best to interact with a lot of people, you will meet some lost souls along the way. You know that they can be very frustrating to deal with. They are always very negative about the things that they are going through. They interact with other people in a very disconcerting way.

If you meet some lost souls whose lives you want to improve, you should not react with anger. Rather, you should have sympathy towards them because they may need more love than they are letting on. They are starving for love, and there is no one to provide them with the type of love they have always wanted. Without love and acceptance, they will continue being and feeling lost.

There are some symptoms you have to watch out for so that you will know if you are dealing with a lost soul or not.


There are a lot of lost souls who feel that the people they meet are all the same. They do not want to accept that all people have differences. They are already feeling so sad about everything that they are going through that they are unable to give any love to other people. They can only give their love to people that can feed their egos or will make them feel good about themselves.

You will see a lot of lost souls that are very intolerant of things that may not be considered the norm. There are also some who tend to show hostility towards people who have different religions.

If you encounter a lost soul who is already saying offensive things towards other people, tell them that you are bothered by it but do not argue with the person.


Lost souls may tend to become defensive about their actions. They are always dependent on their egos, so they want to make sure that they are always right about the things that they are going to do. Even if you try to give a friendly advice, they will take it the wrong way. They will always feel that you are criticizing them.

Instead of arguing with them more about various things, you can just accept their lack of enthusiasm about the advice that you are telling them. Even if you are tempted to argue non-stop, you know that you will never win anyway.

Lost souls tend to block out advice from their inner selves so it is very likely that they are blocking out what you would say too even if your information is meant to improve them. The moment that they feel threatened about what you are telling them, they will just close-up.


There are instances when we have to experience some hardships in life in order to understand and realize our mistakes, but lost souls will never learn. They will make the same mistakes all over and over again.

You will see some lost souls who do nothing but go from one relationship to another. Whenever they make mistakes and whenever they feel sad, they usually experience some personal grief. You have to remember that they will always go through different things but they will never learn. They will experience the same sadness and disappointment all over and over again.

Remember that they are not trying to hurt themselves. They only do not know what they should do because they have shut off the powers of the universe. They are trying to fill in the emptiness that they are feeling.

Do not try to belittle what they are going through because you will never understand the pain and emptiness that they are feeling unless you are a lost soul yourself. Even if you try your best to read them, you should not let yourself become pulled into the issues of their lives. It is always their choice to live the way that they do. You cannot do anything to change that.

The only thing that we can do to make the lost souls feel better is to accept them for who they are. We can only wish that they will try their best to be healthy and happy. If we would be able to make them realize that they should open themselves up to the universe, things will change for them tremendously. They may end up trying to save other lost souls that they will meet along the way.

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