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5 Symbols Of Luck That Carry The Potential To Change Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

People always tried and wanted to reveal the secrets related to witches, without the need to follow some creepy sects of inconvenient covens.

Witchcraft needs several years to be practiced and then mastered. But, there are a lot of simple things that witches do to transform their lives.

Most of those secrets are just the rules given by sympathetic magic. Therefore, these lucky symbols symbolize some cosmic balance, acting as the open gates meant for the passing of divine energies and good luck.

Here are five of them, chosen upon their intense but still balanced energy that passively transforms people’s lives:

1. Lotus flower

This is a fantastic flower, which is sacred to Hinduism, Buddhism, Tao, modern and ancient India, and ancient Egypt. It is among the favorite witches’ symbols.

One of the reasons is as its root lies somewhere in the dark deeps of the muddy swamps. But, this root also springs and then rises on the surface, and its blooms greet the sun’s rays with its unusual scent.

Therefore, this flower symbolizes that when we experience the darkest moments in life, we will be able to pass through the misty darkness, rising to success and light. Moreover, it makes us able to endure every problem unless we get free from every trouble.

2. Scarab

This is a symbol which comes from the god Khefra. The name of this god means ‘to come into existence.’ The god Khefra was said to be the aspect of Sun’s god, the god Ra, together with the Solar Disk and the Ram.

People from ancient Egypt believed that the scarab originates from dead, and the underworld, consisting of a matter from the underworld.

Therefore, scarabs personify the victory of the Sun over darkness. Furthermore, it was said to be a blessed being because it helps the god Ra. According to witches, the scarab symbol may fortify and protect our health and good luck.

3. Acorn

Most of you have probably heard this saying: Great oaks from little acorns grow. The saying is true. The acorn is sacred to Druids and ancient Greeks.

It originates from the tree oak, which is the most divine and sacred tree, dedicated to Zeus, who was the other gods’ king. Hence, anything which comes from this tree is said to be sacred, magical and divine.

The acorn is said to keep the human body and spirit protected from magical and physical harm, and also strong.

That’s why soldiers carried acorns everywhere with them, in order to protect them from thunders, or another type of hostile energy. Usually, witches utilize it for fertility, good luck, potency, magical protection, and abundance.

4. Red Bats

The red bat is the symbol of spiritual help and good luck in Asia. But, the red bad can be presented alone or in a group of five simultaneously. Two bats, also called Shuang fú, usually symbolize double luck.

Furthermore, five bats will be the representation of our five common elements and fortunes, which are the following: abundance, good luck, fertility, longevity, and honor.

5. The wheel

Often depicted as a wheel that has eight rays, it is the mystical and global symbol of good luck and growth.

Even though not really personified as the one of good luck, the Wheel of Becoming is helpful for us to understand that every difficulty will end at a certain point in our life, and karma is going to help us in overcoming every trouble.

Also, it continually reminds us that wise men or women know that strength is lying somewhere in themselves, and there are no some external stimuli which is more powerful than a pure will.

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